That’s a lizard in a skin suit.

Normal humans do not have eyes that function like that.

The smile is also off.

Something is not right here.


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By J. Kb

7 thoughts on “That’s not a woman…”
  1. Dang. That’s disturbing.
    I looked for other photos of her and, at least in the ones I found, she looked normal. Maybe she’s on drugs here, or perhaps it’s an AI rendition of her.

  2. This whole thing is a giant liberal “feel good”
    Last I knew in America any way it was already illegal to discriminate based on race color gender sexual orientation bla blah blah…. Just another thing to divide people and make “normals” uncomfy…. And give F’in liberals something ELSE to be offended by when you whitey don’t agree with them… ya, wakin up next to THAT will keep the ol pipes clean..🤮🤢🤮🤢🤮🤢🤮

  3. That looks to me like a faqqot that loves to get in the Jackass pin. Problem is, several were too long and fucked his eyeballs up, on the way to his peabrain.

  4. I reviewed the film, and measured three blinks (ok, 3.5) in the 1:05 minute segment… so as an engineer, I’mma call that 3 blinks / min.

    and I quote:
    “blink rate decreased significantly under both reading conditions (to 11.35 ± 10.20 and 14.93 ± 10.90/min when reading from a book and a tablet, respectively).”

    Changes in blink rate and ocular symptoms during different reading tasks,between%2012%20and%2015%2Fmin.&text=Other%20studies%20showed%20that%20the,from%202%20to%2010%20s.&text=A%20mean%20blink%20rate%20of,been%20reported%20under%20relaxed%20conditions.

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