The Left made it absolutely crystal clear that “all lives matter” in response to  “black lives matter” was the zenith of racism and bigotry.  “All lives matter” became hate speech and Leftists groups declared that it was a white supremacist statement.

So it makes perfect sense that the Left is absolutely unable to condemn antisemitism.  They can only do it by watering it down and mixing it with other condemnations.

This is from Christopher J. Molloy, Chancellor of Rutgers University on Wednesday:

Dear Rutgers–New Brunswick Community,

We are saddened by and greatly concerned about the sharp rise in hostile sentiments and anti-Semitic violence in the United States. Recent incidents of hate directed toward Jewish members of our community again remind us of what history has to teach us. Tragically, in the last century alone, acts of prejudice and hatred left unaddressed have served as the foundation for many atrocities against targeted groups around the world.

Last year’s murder of George Floyd brought into sharp focus the racial injustices that continue to plague our country, and over the past year there has been attacks on our Asian American Pacific Islander citizens, the spaces of Indigenous peoples defiled, and targeted oppression and other assaults against Hindus and Muslims.

Although it has been nearly two decades since the U.S. Congress approved the Global Anti-Semitism Review Act, the upward trend of anti-Semitism continues. We have also been witnesses to the increasing violence between Israeli forces and Hamas in the Middle East leading to the deaths of children and adults and mass displacement of citizens in the Gaza region and the loss of lives in Israel.

At a time when the ravages of the pandemic and the proliferation of global conflict are leading to death, destruction, and ethnic strife, the university stands as a beacon of hope for our community. We have the opportunity amidst the turmoil to serve as a model for institutions that respect and value the dignity of every human being.

This recent resurgence of anti-Semitism demands that we again call out and denounce acts of hate and prejudice against members of the Jewish community and any other targeted and oppressed groups on our campus and in our community.

Our commitment to creating a safe learning environment that is inclusive of difference requires that we hold ourselves and each other accountable for our behaviors.


      • We call out all forms of bigotry, prejudice, discrimination, xenophobia, and oppression, in whatever ways they may be expressed.
      • We condemn any vile acts of hate against members of our community designed to generate fear, devalue, demonize, or dehumanize.
      • We embrace and affirm the value and dignity of each member of our Rutgers community regardless of religion, race, ethnic background, sexual orientation, gender, and ability.

If you have been adversely impacted by anti-Semitic or any other discriminatory incidents in our community, please do not hesitate to reach out to our counseling and other support services on campus. Our behavioral health team stands ready to support you through these challenging times. In addition, our Student Affairs Office is already working in close partnership with leaders of the Rutgers Jewish community, and meetings have been held with students to assess and respond to their needs. If you are aware of hate incidents on campuses or places that have been made unsafe due to expressed bigotry and other unacceptable and insensitive acts, please report them using the bias reporting system.

Although we face many challenges and may have differing perspectives, we must condemn acts of violence and all forms of bigotry. We will continually strive to realize the aspiration embodied in President Holloway’s articulation of a vision for Rutgers as a ‘beloved community’—a community where we welcome and affirm humanity and find strength in our diversity.

He couldn’t just come out and condemn Jews being cursed at on-campus and being beaten in the streets without tying it to George Floyd, but at least he called it out by name.

The Left attacked him for that and on Thursday he had to “all lives matter” his condemnation of antisemtism.

Dear Members of the Rutgers–New Brunswick Community,

We are writing today as a follow-up to the message sent on Wednesday, May 26th to the university community. We understand that intent and impact are two different things, and while the intent of our message was to affirm that Rutgers–New Brunswick is a place where all identities can feel validated and supported, the impact of the message fell short of that intention. In hindsight, it is clear to us that the message failed to communicate support for our Palestinian community members. We sincerely apologize for the hurt that this message has caused.

Rutgers University–New Brunswick is a community that is enriched by our vibrant diversity. However, our diversity must be supported by equity, inclusion, antiracism, and the condemnation of all forms of bigotry and hatred, including anti-Semitism and Islamophobia. As we grow in our personal and institutional understanding, we will take the lesson learned here to heart, and pledge our commitment to doing better. We will work to regain your trust, and make sure that our communications going forward are much more sensitive and balanced.

Our goal of creating a beloved community will not be easy, and while we may make mistakes along the way; we hope we can all learn from them as we continue this vital work together.

There haven’t been random beatings of Muslims or Palestinians.  There hasn’t been a spike in Islamophobic violence, but the Left hates Jews so much they can’t let condemnations of antisemitism stand.

This is how bad it is.

Even acknowledging that rise in antisemitsm will get you in trouble.

Jews, if you think Leftists will stand up for you, they won’t.  They will destroy you and then bury the evidence of your destruction.  That is how much they hate you.

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By J. Kb

One thought on “The absolute state of antisemitism in America”
  1. Making a small mistake with this:
    “There haven’t been random beatings of Muslims or Palestinians. There hasn’t been a spike in Islamophobic violence…”

    The issue isn’t that actual violent acts have, or have not been carried out against muslims or Palestinians. No actual violence needs happen. Excluding them from a list IS the violence.

    Remember, if you are not celebrating them/it/whatever often, loudly, and for extended periods of time, you are demonstrating your hatred. And, thus, committing an act of violence against them/it/whatever.

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