By J. Kb

5 thoughts on “The Afghanistan genocide will begin after labor day”
  1. Pray for their souls.

    Christian, Zoroastrian, Bhuddist, even the Shia will be on the hit list. Even the minority tribes are going to be attacked.

    1. That, and everything gets cranked back to the 7th century, because what was good enough for the Prophet is good enough for everyone else too.
      I saw today that music is already being banned, no surprise there. Expect girls to be banned from schools shortly. Progressives probably won’t say a word about that.

      1. Women and girls are already fleeing schools and universities and trying to get out of the country. Apparently some of the Taliban are talking about making examples of them for being too Westernized.

        1. They’ve also been telling women to stay home because their fighters haven’t been trained in how to deal with women. I guess that translates to “because our people would rape any female between the ages of 3 and 99”.

  2. Either that or the Afghan civil war starts by then. The next Afghan Civil War? The Northern Alliance is back in the Panjshir Valley and supposedly well-trained and ready.

    Whichever. I think the average Afghan family that’s going to be getting a door to door visit to give up their weapons might just shoot first. Either way they’re dead or at the very least their current life is dead. The question I don’t know how to answer is how many of them enjoyed their 20 year respite from Taliban rule.

    There’s 20 years worth of families who lived a more western life. Do they think that was better? Likewise, 20 years worth of women who grew up able to go to school and get a life who are now getting ordered to not show a wrist or let any part of their body be visible. Music is gone. Not even a bird is allowed to sing. 10 or 12 year olds are being kidnapped to be brides to Taliban soldiers.

    Is it time to hand over their guns or use them?

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