I prefer to make posts that are factually based. When I started posting, I would often find myself writing about other people’s opinion pieces. I would read something at Red State or Erik’s site or a dozen other places, and it would “inspire” me to write my opinion about their opinion.

Over time, this has morphed. I attempt to read primary sources. If there is a reference to an original source, I follow it. If there is not, I attempt to find it. I want to bring the facts to you. To allow you to determine for yourself if my opinion is worth the electrons it is written with.

I do not have access to primary sources regarding the disgusting animals killing people in Israel. I’ve seen a few videos which have confirmed my opinion.

Here is a good introduction to what is happening now:

This video is age restricted. This means that it doesn’t show as an embedded video. If you “watch on YouTube” and you are age verified on YouTube, you can watch it there.

It includes videos published by the animals.

Here is his history of the region, from 2021:

Please note that I’ve been discussing this with my family since the latest round of terrorist actions from the animals started. The best answer I’ve heard from a family member was something of the sort “just one small nuke”.

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21 thoughts on “The Animals of the Middle East – update”
  1. Some politicians who support terrorism have called for a “proportional” response from Israel, which they mean surrender to terrorism, or respond only by strongly worded letters.
    They don’t seem to realize what “proportional” would actually mean. The enemy wants to “erase Israel from the map” and “kill all Jews”. So a “proportional” response would be to erase Iran from the map and raze all of Gaza into the ground as the Romans did to Carthage (or as Assad did to Hama). In other words, the stronger-than-previous response we now hear discussed by Israeli leaders is still FAR milder than a “proportional” response.

  2. 3 evenly spaced MOABs.. timed to go off simultaneously… I myself don’t say much anymore to anyone… I will say this- ANY politician or person who thinks we shouldn’t do anything other than “talk” needs to be put on a plane and dropped off in the middle of the ones doing the killing. We the People have had our hands tied far to long ..

    1. Talking only works when both parties are interested in diplomacy.
      Checking my notes… Only Israel is interested in a diplomatic solution. Seems the terrorists are only interesting in destroying Israel.

      1. As I’ve been repeatedly saying regarding the Israel/Gaza conflicts over the years (and even more during the past few days):
        Peace and diplomacy require two willing parties; war requires only one.
        Israel — at the urging of the completely feckless U.N. — has been trying diplomacy for decades. Every concession they’ve offered and agreed to, has been responded to with more violence and death. Hamas/Gaza/”Palestine” (in quotes because they co-opted the term; they are not, in fact, Palestinians) has rejected the “two-state solution” that would give them their own sovereign nation and land — recognized internationally — time and time again, I believe because they garner more international sympathy as an “occupied territory” “resisting” their “occupiers”; Hamas can count on the U.N. to pressure Israel to show restraint and seek diplomatic solutions (what’s the definition of insanity again?).
        If instead, Hamas/Gaza/”Palestine” were an independent, sovereign nation engaging in unprovoked attacks against another independent, sovereign nation, every nation on Earth (except maybe Iran, because Iran) would recognize Israel’s right to defend her sovereign borders and people from violent foreign incursions, by any means necessary.

          1. True, especially under the circumstances Israel is often in due to Hamas’ actions.
            “You’ve invaded our land, abducted our citizens, raped our women, and murdered our children. I demand we immediately negotiate the cessation of hostilities. What can we offer that will make it stop?” Doesn’t sound very intimidating, does it? But that’s what the U.N. has required of Israel for the past few decades.
            So the pattern is: Hamas attacks, Israel negotiates, offers concessions/funding/whatever so that Hamas will stop attacking, and Hamas agrees to stop. And it works until Hamas needs something else, and then they break the ceasefire and attack again. Rinse and repeat. It will never stop because at the end of it all, Hamas is being rewarded for breaking ceasefire agreements and killing Israeli citizens (which is what Hamas really wants, anyway; the rest is just window dressing).

  3. Much as I have sympathy for the Jews and their invasion, I’m an American and its not our fight. I’m much more concerned about the ongoing invasion of my country. Israel’s military has received so much of our assistance over the years I’m sure they can handle this themselves.

    Yes lets untie the hands of ‘we the people’ but lets do it to solve our own problems, not those of some country half a world away that should be perfectly well equipped to look after itself.

    1. The issue is that we have defense treaties in place with Israel; we are required to assist in their national defense. That doesn’t necessarily mean American boots on the ground, but we will help them out.
      As part of that, we supply the reloads for the Iron Dome, which is the anti-air defense system that shoots down rockets. We can debate over whether Israel should be resupplying the Iron Dome herself (and face the possible reality that given the volume of rockets Hamas routinely fires, they simply can’t keep up on their own), but as it stands, that’s part of our role in their defense. And it’s not like we do it for free; Israel buys the reloads, paying for it out of their defense budget. (Remember that the whole of Israel is about the size of New Jersey; supplying the Iron Dome doesn’t stress our manufacturing capability like it would theirs.)
      I agree we certainly have our own problems here domestically, but Israel is a powerful ally in the region, and on the grand scheme helping them costs us very little in terms of GDP.
      Now, if we could get some retired IDF special-ops folks here to help whip our local militias into shape, to face the ongoing invasion and upcoming insurgency, that’d be pretty awesome, not gonna lie. 😉

      1. There’s an enthusiasm for this war that goes far beyond a simple duty to fulfill treaty obligations or look after the concerns of an ally. While of course a good country must keep its promises, the first concern of the United States’ government has to be the American People, and it would be nice to see this violent enthusiasm directed towards our more immediate enemies.

        Do you (or anyone here) have any good resources on what precisely are the treaty obligations of the US here ? I’m sure with a little digging I’ll find it but navigating government websites has never been a skill of mine.

        1. I’ve been noticing that “enthusiasm for this war”, too, and it is concerning. We agree on that.
          What’s most concerning to me is that I’m seeing it from both sides. Sure, one side was always willing to commit violent acts on the other, but right now the enthusiasm is going both ways. I worry the Israel/Gaza conflict will become a catalyst-by-proxy here in the U.S.
          As to our treaty obligations, I haven’t found anything specific, but this is from the State Department’s website: The United States and Israel have signed multiple bilateral defense cooperation agreements, to include: a Mutual Defense Assistance Agreement (1952); a General Security of Information Agreement (1982); a Mutual Logistics Support Agreement (1991); and a Status of Forces Agreement (1994).
          If I understand the terms correctly, the MDAA means if they are attacked by a peer or near-peer nation, we provide military and economic aid; the GSMIA (General Security of Military Information Agreement) means our respective intelligence agencies will take measures to protect classified information they receive from the other as if it were their own; the MLSA means we provide (or help procure) logistical support, supplies, and services. (I’m not sure what the SoFA means.)
          [Addendum: I found a more comprehensive list of the formal agreements between the U.S. and Israel at the Jewish Virtual Library. Some of them are hyperlinked to PDFs, which appear to be the text of the actual agreements. Be warned; there are a LOT of them, some of which have expired and been renewed, others are still in effect. The SoFA is not on there, as far as I could tell.]

      1. The greatest asset to any organization wanting to attack the USA is the wide open border and the huge and growing internal population of foreign criminals resentful of the country and its people. I’m not advocating myopic isolationism, but if you think Hamas poses a greater threat to the USA than this, you need to get your priorities straightened out.

  4. Similar situation here.
    Family asks “when did this start?” And, I start talking about 5,000 years ago.
    “No. Why is this happening now?” To which I start talking about islam and constant intertribal wars and how the middle east is nothing but a history of bloodshed over scraps of land.
    “No, why did this particular conflict start, this week?” To which I have to say “You have not been listening…”
    Seriously, the arabs (now muslims) want to destroy the Jews. They have wanted to destroy the Jews since before the Roman empire controlled the region. Islam is not a religion, it is a political system disguised as a religion, and that political system is one of power, control, and destruction. Peace in islam is when the religion controls the world. (Religion of peace? BS, religion of control.)
    The palestinians are not interested in living along side Jews in peace. (Nor are the interested in coexisting with Christians, Hindus, or Wiccans for that matter)
    If this conflict deescalates and a semblance of peace returns to the area, it is just a matter of time before it blows up again. And, the next time, it will likely be worse.

    1. Former muslim Ayaan Hirsi Ali (who was driven out of Holland for her views and now lives in the USA) pointed out that the meaning of the word “islam” is “submission”. She made a movie/documentary about Islam with that title; her co-producer (Theo van Gogh) was murdered for doing so.

  5. “The truth is that if Israel were to put down its arms there would be no more Israel. If the Arabs were to put down their arms there would be no more war.” — Benjamin Netanyahu — Speech at the Knesset at the end of the 2006 Israel-Lebanon conflict, as quoted in “Olmert: We will continue to pursue Hizbullah leaders” in The Globes (14 August 2006)
    Elsewhere, described as a quote of Levi Eshkol, quoted by Golda Meir in 1969.

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