After years of prioritizing diversity, the US Army released a video on X that show exclusively white male soldiers.

The replies were full of comments saying that after years of disrespect from the military, they as white males won’t die for Israel.








Then there was this:


Since Desert Storm, there has been a consistent theme that all the wars the United States has fought in the Middle East are for the benefit of Israel.

This is usually coupled with the conspiracy theory that the Jews, Israel, and/or Zionists secretly control the US Government, and use Americans for cannon fodder in their proxy wars.

The world is melting down because of Biden’s incompetence.

October 7th was a symptom of that.

And when shit gets ugly, for many people, the rush is to blame the Jews.

Iran has been trying to destabilize the region and undermine us since 1979.  Remember that the Iranians attacked American ships and took sailors hostage.

But if we do anything, the Based Right will say it’s a war for Israel.

Based Antisemites to the Right, Woke Antisemites to the Left, and here I am stuck in the middle again.


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By J. Kb

13 thoughts on “The antisemitism of the Based Right”
  1. Didn’t Israel attack an American ship and kill American sailors?? And what was the name of that spy caught giving our secrets to Israel??

  2. Hey J. Kb. Much like you, I am Jewish. Long story, suffice to say, I’m one by choice and shomer where I can be. I’m also conservative and a former member of the .mil.
    I understand your sentiment. I too abhor the feeling of being marooned on a deserted island; however, I accept it since it’s been the one constant I’ve had to deal with.

    The “based” right is chock full of antisemitism; I think it’s misguided as the “data points” used are surnames where it’s evident that they’re a JINO. It’s impossible to get them to see past your religious preference.

    The Woke Left is worse as it’s historically been less overt, although the mask has been torn off and folks are seeing for the first time.

    The vitriol from the right is ridiculously frustrating for someone like me. Why? Politically, I’m like most here. If the balloon goes up tomorrow, it would appear that the folks I’d side with are as likely to frag me as the clowns on the other team. I’m resigned to being out of luck either way the chips land…Sure, I’ve got close knit folks nearby that I can trust and have prepped (there’s always more to do). That only gets one so far.

    About a year ago, I read this snippet over at BCE’s joint, “Trained good guys are going to be in short supply and we need every. single. one. we can get.” Doesn’t matter if you’re a “member of the tribe”. I survived being partnered with Iraqi SF units and Afghan Cops; my last name is generic enough you’d never know I’m Jewish. It’s exhausting having to watch your front and back simultaneously with people. It’s also exasperating to have my motives questioned constantly because I pray differently.

    What the based right and wokester left cannot fathom (or believe) is that there isn’t some super secret cabal of Jews planning how to fuck over the non-Jews at the religious institution level. I attend a large Conservative (nominally) synagogue. I’m also a member of the board of trustees and a committee chair, so I’m aware of most of what goes on there. 95% of what comes from the pulpit is political. More than once I’ve gotten up mid-sermon and walked out as it was political BS, always supporting the Left. When the Dobbs decision came down, it was all about abortion for a month. That was the last time I set foot in there for services, although I continue on as a board member/chair.
    Vast majority of the folks attending treat it like a sort of country club. Few are truly observant and instinctively (or perhaps subconsciously?) put politics above religion. All of them say “never again”, but couldn’t punch their way out of a wet paper bag with a pair of scissors in their hands. Nor would they wield a weapon because of their political bent… so how can they rationally say never again? Because they are oblivious to history and mistakenly trust the government to protect them. For the life of me, I cannot understand why, although I’ve been hunting for an answer for 22 years.

    In short, I hear you.

    Just my 2¢ and worth far less.


  3. The US government has been overt in its disdain for the American People for years, it is actively supporting the ongoing invasion from the south, and overtly permissive of criminality and anti white policies, meanwhile jailing protestors for hanging around the capital protesting on behalf of the sitting president. If the US government wants to send millions of young white men overseas, you must be stupid if you think it could possibly be for their own benefit, or the benefit of the American People. White Men are the most right leaning demographic in the country, and the US government would love to see the best of us shipped off to some heap of sand far away to suffer and die while what’s left of home is dismantled, burned, and handed off to whomever wanders in next. They’ll probably use it to justify bringing over another few million refugees while they’re at it.
    Please, its not for our benefit, so who’s is it? Harping on the Jews is tiresome and stupid, I know, but its more plausible an explanation than doing it to advance American interests. I wish I felt like we could afford to care about these conflicts abroad, they certainly do effect American interests and American lives, but there’s a huge domestic invasion going on that’s effecting all of us. No conflict in the middle east poses as great an existential threat to the country as the immigration problem does.

  4. Yeah, I’m probably going enter the gray zone of the “one rule”. But come on! You gotta admit, this is the first all-white army ad in a long time and it comes out right when another spicy time starts up in the middle east? Jeez, JKb. At least admit it looks bad. Or that, regardless of all the anti-semite BS, the fact is that no straight white guy wants to go in the army anymore thanks to all the DEI crap they’re pushing.

    Me? I’m anti-DEI, not anti-semite. I’m also anti-military/industrial complex and anti-neocon warmonger.

    Let’s forget Jews for the moment and state that since the withdrawal from Afghanistan, the people that profit off of war are itching to get back in the action and make some more of that tax-payer moola. Ukraine was close, but now Israel is closer. We are going be boots on the ground real soon, and all of a sudden the DEI army realizes it’s gonna need white boys to have any chance of – well, not winning since we have fought to win since 1944, but – making a good show.

    And straight up, it’s my opinion we should end all foreign aid and stop getting involved in other people’s war. That includes all countries, even “our greatest ally”. Let Israel fight it’s own war. Speak up at the UN. But spend my taxpayer money protecting the southern border.

  5. People who proudly support an anti-white, anti-Christian hate group like the ADL while gleefully declaring that Christian women who have opinions they dislike deserve to be violently raped for their insolence don’t get to complain when the targets of their bigotry decide to repay them in kind.

    As for the Current Thing, I don’t see how it is even slightly in the interest of the American people to send their young men to die for someone else’s war. I will admit however that I would fully support the Curtis LeMay approach to the Islamo-Fascist Problem if the DotMil happens to have a surplus of cluster munitions and incendiaries they need to use up.

    1. ADL has been skin-suited for a long time. The organization doesn’t give a rip about Jews, just politics. Trying to make Jews in general guilty for the ADL’s actions is like blaming Christians for Westboro Baptist.

      1. What part of “proudly support” implies I was speaking about Jews in general, and not specifically the racist bigots who support an openly racist and bigoted hate group?

        PS By your own logic, condemning an openly bigoted subgroup of Christians is the same as condemning all Christians everywhere. Is that the point you’re trying to make?

  6. You have to admit the timing of that commercial was pretty damn suspicious. Except that it probably took about 3-6 months for the US Army, Dept of Defense, and the ad agency to conceive, story board, and arrange the filming of the ad.
    Why now? I seem to remember a lot of stories about missed recruiting goals in June and July, and that white men were not signing up. That would fit with the subject and timing, wouldn’t it?
    If it was me? I would be a whole lot more worried about being sent to Ukraine. The Ukrainian Army is being bled white in assaulting dug in troops. The Russo-Ukrainian war is now positional /trench warfare, just like WW1 after 1915, or Korea after 1951.
    Remember the stories about the French troops mutinying and refusing to attack the Germans 1917? The arrival of the American Troops was one thing that quelled the mutinies. Now we hear about Ukrainian troops refusing to attack the Russian trenches. They are still willing to defend their positions for now.
    Israel can defend itself, as long as Joe Biden doesn’t force another cease fire and Israel is prevented from finishing the job AGAIN. Israel doesn’t need our troops, because our help always comes with strings.


    (New York Jewish Week) — Congregants lined up in the morning cold outside the Stephen Wise Free Synagogue in the Upper West Side as the dawn broke Tuesday. Many of them held signs in support of Israel as well as supplies for the long day ahead as they boarded a large tour bus headed for Washington, D.C.. “This is an important act of unity and solidarity,” Rabbi Dalia Samansky told the passengers as the bus slowly made its way toward the March for Israel rally at the National Mall, as tens of thousands of other Jews from around the country headed toward the event.

    A liberal Jewish cantor, Daniel Singer, then played a rendition of “Tefilat haderech,” or “A prayer for the road,” on an acoustic guitar. The congregants said they were inspired to make the long, trafficky trip to the rally to support the hostages held by Hamas, publicly back Israel, and take a stand against antisemitism as anti-Jewish discrimination surges in New York and elsewhere amid the fallout from the war. After event organizers announced a historic turnout of nearly 300,000 people at the rally, the participants said the event had bolstered their spirits and made a powerful statement in support of Jewish solidarity and Israel’s cause.

    The group of marchers included amazingly, even some Stephen Wise Reform Jewish synagogue members, who occasionally even attend public services. The contingent ranged in age from high schoolers to the elderly. But also included several family groups. Reported that lady “Rabbi”, Ammiel Hirsch, of Stephen Wise Reform said: “I’m joining because I see the scary rise of antisemitism and I’ve been talking to people, and it’s just heartbreaking.” Despite the fact that Liberal Judaism has a long tradition of disgrace which actually encourages Jewish assimilation and intermarriage. And has an anti-Israel platform that more closely resembles to that of Neturei Karta.

    Assimilated Reform, Maxine Albert, now sings a different tune: “People are telling me that they’re not wearing anything that identifies them as Jewish.” “It scares me and I want to stand up,” she added. Ms “rabbi” Rabbi Samansky said the rally came as many congregants felt increasing pressure over their support for Israel, as many activists clamor for Israel to accept a ceasefire with Hamas and the memory of the terror group’s Oct. 7 atrocities fade from the public discourse. Many of the congregants also felt isolated and abandoned by their former allies on the left due to the lack of a condemnation for antisemitism, Samansky added.

    “A lot of our congregants are really struggling with their own place in the world, their own place in the social justice world that they have believed and been a part of for so long, while also dealing with their fear of being Jewish right now,” she said. “More and more congregants are saying, ‘Should I wear my star? Should I have my mezuzah be so prominent?’” “It’s so important to be at this [rally] to say we have a right to be Jewish, we have a right to be proud to be Jewish, we have a right to support Israel, and Israel has a right to be proud and to defend itself,” she said.

    Several congregants said that the defaced and ripped up hostage posters around New York City were a reminder of the hostility around them, and some compared the tense atmosphere in the city to the rising antisemitism in prewar Europe. A number of attendees also cited the hostile atmosphere on college campuses as a worrying harbinger for the future. “When I was growing up, it was [shortly] after the Holocaust, so antisemitism wasn’t considered to be mainstream. It had to be hidden,” said Joyce Goldwyn-Spencer. Now, she said, “so much time has passed and they have the excuse of using Israel, blaming Israel.” “I think there is a sense of awakening,” said congregant Debra Warren, saying some U.S. Jews had become aware of “the Jew hatred that’s probably been simmering under the surface that’s now bubbled above the surface.”

    Alas, these Reform Liberal Judaism “rabbis”, fail to connect the dots between Jewish assimilation and intermarriage – to the return of mass Jewish antisemitism. The Reform platform which promotes “Social Justice”, but dismally fails to warn the Jewish people that assimilation and intermarriage violates the 2nd Sinai commandment. Jewish worship of avoda zarah, the Prime First Cause of antisemitism in the world today.

    The congregants firmly backed Israel’s need to defeat Hamas while mourning the Palestinian victims. But continue to blame Jerusalem, (Not in our Name, sorry excuse) for the toxic Dhimmi/Jewish discourse surrounding the conflict. The ignorance of the Israeli government for its lack of nuance, refusal to surrender and transform the 6 Day ’67 War into a national defeat before victorious Arab armies, (according to the words of Nasser). The poor understanding of radical right-wing Government over “complex issues” at play. The Liberal Jewish demand to divide both Israel and Jerusalem into two separate states and make a forced population transfer of Jewish settler populations living in Samaria.

    After the five-hour drive, the Reform synagogue’s bus pulled into a parking lot at FedEx Field in North Englewood, Maryland, some nine miles east of the National Mall. The congregants spilled onto the asphalt to join throngs of other Jews and allies; the Stephen Wise group mostly broke apart as they mixed in with the thousands who made their way to the rally via shuttle, subway, taxi and on foot.

    The masses in attendance at the rally included secular Jews and non-Jews, Haredim, school groups in matching shirts and Israelis navigating the crowds in Hebrew. Youths from the Chabad movement manned a tent, putting tefillin on passersby and handing out yellow balloons to high schoolers as young men wearing kippot danced in a circle nearby. Many in the crowd, framed on the lawn between the White House and the Washington Monument, carried U.S. and Israeli flags and photos of hostages.

    The crowd fell silent as families of the captives spoke, with some in the audience breaking into tears. The crowd size — likely the largest Jewish gathering in U.S. history — was a powerful message for the congregation. Several assimilated Reform congregants said the support from public officials and non-Jews inspired confidence, despite the growing antisemitism plague. “I never thought that we would need to do this [protest] but the time is now so I’m glad to be there,” said Reform congregant Michael Sherman, adding that he was cheered by “Jews putting arms around each other, helping each other — secular, Orthodox.”

    On the way back to the parking lot, young Israelis and Haredim alighted on the subway together as a group of high schoolers sang. The Stephen Wise delegation boarded the bus back to New York, and the cantor, Singer, played “Oseh Shalom” as two teenagers passed out bags of chocolate chip cookies to the weary congregants. “This isn’t 1939. We’re not going to stay silent in the face of antisemitism. We are going to stand up, we are going to protect ourselves and be proud of who we are,” Samansky said. “We’re determined to continue speaking out and being present and reminding the world that we are here and we have the right to be here.” The complete and utter silence over the disaster of Jewish assimilation and intermarriage – the elephant in the china closet – totally ignored.

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