I am doing my morning reading of the blogosphere, land over McThag’s and rather than finding out about how the car projects are coming up or why is he still fixated in the obsolete 1911, he shares this without warning:

Import AR 15s? Between you and me and the wall, who would import AR 15s for sale with the amazing amount of companies producing from 80% receivers to fully assembled rifles in all price ranges.

Angus properly mentions that Bush the Elder already did  the ban, and if memory serves right, the only one or one of the few foreign AR makers was Daewoo and they did not have a stellar reputation at all, in fact I think the term “loose maraca after a Rio de Janeiro Mardi Gras” may have been used in reference to the quality.

Good news: you can now update thousands of jokes by substituting the word “blonde” and inserting “AOC” or “Kamala Harris.” I am sure new models will be available soon from the Democrat Candidates’ Clown Bus.

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By Miguel.GFZ

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