Back during the 2020 “Summer of Love” I covered a number of incidents caught on video of Leftist protesters threatening drivers with guns and directing traffic.

Then Biden won and things toned down a bit.

Well, the Leftist mobs controlling streets and threatening drivers are back.

Stay away from protests and be safe out there.

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By J. Kb

10 thoughts on “The armed car stops are back”
  1. I recall an Army Sgt shooting an Antifa who pointed an AK at him in Austin. I believe he’s in jail waiting trial for murder.

  2. Avoid the city. Avoid the usual flashpoints. But if you cannot,

    Make sure you get as much as possible on video. If you have passengers, tell them to start recording as they call the police 911 line. keep the line open with a running commentary of how scared, worried and in fear for your life and the lives of your passengers and family. It may come down to your word against two dozen protesters who all know each other and hate your guts. Make sure you have as much evidence as you can.

    Remember you are scared and in fear for your life, so make sure you articulate it on video and to the police.

    1. So does Texas law. But the local DA can, and in Austin, will file against anyone that doesn’t agree with the libtardian view.

  3. I worked an engineering designer contract there a few years ago; wonderful client, interesting work, excellent pay. The downside was living in that wretched hellhole of a city for two years. Just about every business and store I went to tried to rip me off, including the big box stores. Back home in Cincy, I deal with many of the same chains, and while the inflation is bad, they don’t actually try to steal from their customers.
    For the last half of my assignment, I had to drive through the really bad parts of town most weeknights, and my policy was not to stop for anyone I saw in the streets on my way to my client at 3 am. No stop lights, stop signs, etc when driving thru the city itself. I wasn’t robbed or accosted, but other contractors were. And I was carrying every day, although not inside the client’s facility, near the airport.
    If I was still working on the road, I’d love to go back to the client, but I NEVER want to set foot in that s*ithole of a city ever again.

    1. And, as Michigan cities go, Grand Rapids is relatively tame. Flint? Saginaw? Detoilet? NFW, bro! When such a journey is absolutely unavoidable, both TDW and I carry extra mags, and heads are on swivels.

      Remus Rules: Avoid Crowds.

  4. I wonder about the legality of having car-mounted dispensers for smoke (I think Divemedic posted some links to a good smoke grenade co.) and bear spray.

  5. A further thought: With so many morons videoing their illegal acts, one might think that prosecution of these miscreants would be a slam dunk.

    And then, you wake up.

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