How in the absolute fuck are they going to do that?

I guess that means no more helicopters, tanks, armored combat vehicles, etc., really anything that is too big and heavy to run off a battery.

I assume that includes ammunition use?  It must because previous military green initiatives promoted lead free ammo.

So does that mean no more live ammo training?

So I guess our military won’t use diesel generators anymore in forward operating areas.

This is seriously fucked.

We’re going to have generals deciding on combat missions, not based on predicted casualty counts or operational achievements but the size of the carbon footprint.

“Sir, we can have the Night Stalkers fly in some Deltas under the cover of darkness and take out the asset.”

“No, Lieutenant. Do you have any idea what the carbon footprint for a mission like that would be?”

I can’t wait to see our soldiers ride into battle on a Tesla firing crossbows.

We’re so fucked.

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By J. Kb

7 thoughts on “The Army just ceded all war fighting capabilities”
  1. Democrats look at the military as a huge pile of money to loot, and a captive audience for Social Experimentation according to the latest in theories. Actual deterrence and defense? We are America. No one is anywhere near our peer. They would not dare! (Cough!, China, Cough!). 9/11 was like 22 years ago man! Half of the Biden advisors are justlike their boss, they don’t even remember 9/11.
    One way this could partially work. Small modular nuclear reactors for all the domestic bases, and for secure foreign logistics bases. Zero Greenhouse gases. No need to ship fossil fuels, hope the sun shines, or hope the wind blows. If we are going to waste money, at least we can develop and build a new technology. Create a new US based industry. How many places in Alaska, Hawaii, Canada, Scandinavia, and the Pacific would this make sense? Reliable Electricity makes desalination much easier. Solid state Air Defense and Anti Missile Lasers will need electrical power too.
    Because nuclear could be practical, Democrats will never, ever consider it.

    1. Nuclear power plants for smaller ships like Frigates, Destroyers, Cruisers, LHDs, etc. while possible tends to be expensive in terms of staffing, crew training, and maintenance bang for the buck compared to Carriers. The idea of alternate power plants for landing craft and the small boats is absolutely ludicrous. I’m sure that electric aircraft will will have the range and performance to establish global air superiority, NOT. Our potential adversaries will of course follow our lead.

      Let’s go Brandon.

  2. I think Larry Niven wrote a book years ago, where the Greens have taken over world government—- and promptly created the onset of a new Ice Age.
    Say it loud, say it proud: There ain’t no such thing as Global Warming!!!!
    The left are using the chimera of climate change in the same way they are using covid, as a way get people used to being told what to do.
    If the billionaire leftists really though that global warming was real, they would sink their multimillion dollar yachts and private jets.
    What? No? They aren’t doing this?
    Damnable hypocrites.

    ….so, I think this statement about zero carbon for the military is overt bullshit, just virtue signaling.

    1. D: yes, “Fallen Angel”. Lots of fun. A bunch of inside jokes for hardcore SF fans (the kind who go to SF conventions) but I’m not one of those and the book is very good for any reader.

  3. The obvious answer is [drum roll]: the All-Nuclear Weapon military. No greenhouse gasses, all remote-control from the US where the windmills and solar panels can charge the batteries, so no need for foreign bases and all of the energy needed to get people and materiel there. 8>)

  4. I was gonna ask if they are going to give up the DU rounds, but it sounds like thy might need a place to, ahem, *disperse* all that stuff once it’s spent as far as fuel goes…

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