The arrest or Roger Stone. (UPDATE)

This was a heavy-handed message. Roger Stone was no Tony Montana waiting inside his house with an M-203 and a pile of coke in front of him, they could have sent notification to his lawyer to present himself at the local FBI building 15 miles away as the crow flies. And a full tactical team with CNN recording video? This is more ATF back in the day which eventually led with the colossal screw up at Waco.

This is the FBI announcing sides and not in favor of the President. And it is also the local agency trying to look butch after they dropped the ball with Nikki Cruz and the Parkland massacre.

20 years ago we thought we were about to see the disappearance of the ATF. Now we may be seeing two of them.

That is scary.

UPDATE: The Super Evil Villain Robert Stone who needed a Tactical team to effect his arrest at the wee hours of the morning like he was some confirmed terrorist about to bomb orphanages…. is already out on bail.

Not even 12 hours.

Tell me it was not a show of force for sheer intimidation.

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  1. At ~1:46 in the video: “6 AM, just after the hour, about a half dozen police vehicles with sirens, but no sound — silent sirens — pull in front of the home.”

    “Silent sirens”? WTF?

    Journalistic expertise at it’s finest, ladies and gentlemen!

    Also, there’s no way CNN just happened to show up at Stone’s house at zero-dark-thirty, just in time to “cover” this “breaking news”. And it’s a stretch to assume they were covering his house 24/7 on the off-chance something interesting would happen.

    In other words, they were tipped off and showed up to cover the “perp walk” live. “Right place at the right time”, my @$$.

    That’s in addition to the unnecessarily overwhelming show of force to arrest a man who, at worst, is a liar. Perjury is not a violent crime worthy of a SWAT arrest.

    This whole scenario was an intimidation tactic. It’s a message. Pay attention and prepare yourselves accordingly.

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