The arrogance of out-of-state Democrats

Doug Jones, the Senator from Alabama, has announced that he might support Brett Kavanaugh’s appointment to SCOTUS.

Alabama Democrat Doug Jones says he could vote either way on Trump’s SCOTUS pick

Jones is the Democrat Senator in a red state only because his opponent was such a fucking shit show.

Jones wants to get reelected in a state in the middle of Trump country.  He seems to have the (not incorrect) idea that if joins with the rest of the Democrats in their insanity, Alabama voters will not just vote him out of office.  They will go to his state Senate office and throw him out the window.

Unfortunately for Jones, this tiny bit of concern for his constituents has engendered  the wrath of unhinged national Democrats.

Mikel Jollet is from Silver Lake, California.

Eli Friedmann lives in New York City.

Eleanor Rigby is from Texas.

Ani Sangye is from Maryland.


They did not vote for him, they did not put him in his seat, they are not Alabama voters.

They are God-damned fucking interlopers.

The big-balls arrogance of out-of-state Democrats to try and tell an Alabama Senator how to vote and they they will destroy him if he doesn’t do what they want is staggering.

So let me make this point perfectly fucking clear:

If you are a Democrat and not a resident and registered voter in the State of Alabama, and you have a deep desire to influence position of Doug Jones on Trump’s SCOTUS pick, I invite you to do the following.

Find something long and rigid, like a broom handle or the grip end of a baseball bat, and fuck yourself violently with it until that urge passes.

Fuck off and leave Alabama alone.

3 Replies to “The arrogance of out-of-state Democrats”

  1. “WE (the Democrat money machine) PUT YOU IN OFFICE” Therefore “YOU MUST KOWTOW TO OUR WISHES” otherwise WE (The national Democrat party) Will BURY YOU!

    Thus endeth the lesson of why Red State voters should never vote for a Democrat.

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