On Tuesday, San Francisco DA Chesa Boudin was recalled by the voters of San Francisco.  Under his radical Leftist watch, crime was not adequately prosecuted, criminals were let go with little to no punishment, and crime exploded, resulting in a significant decrease in quality of life for residents.

Loudoun County is in many ways the San Francisco of the East Coast.  A very Liberal/Leftist enclave seemingly governed entirely by Woke ideology and not reality.

Loudoun County has been in the news recently for things like transgender school politics that resulted in a rape and the school covering it up.

Loudoun County has their own Chesa Boudin, a woman named Buta Biberaj.

A judge just disqualified Biberaj on a case for lying to the court in order to get a serial burglar a low plea deal.

Loudoun County judge removes Commonwealth’s Attorney’s Office from criminal case

A Loudoun County judge has removed the county’s Commonwealth’s Attorney office from a criminal case saying the office has shown an inability to prosecute the case with professional standards, and is “deliberately misleading the Court and the public” in effort to “sell” a plea agreement.

According to the order, obtained by FOX 5’s Lindsay Watts, Plowman says the Commonwealth’s Attorney office sought a plea deal for a serial burglary suspect while downplaying and even omitting his prior criminal past and current charges in other jurisdictions.

Kevin Enrique Valle was arrested on five warrants charging him with three misdemeanors for destruction of property and false identification, and two felonies for burglary.

Plowman writes that the plea agreement by Deputy Commonwealth’s Attorney Michele Burton states that the crimes occurred within hours of each other, not over the course of days or weeks. Plowman calls the assessment “entirely inaccurate,” because the defendant is accused of “a possible 12 burglary crime spree spanning four counties over ten days.”

Plowman ordered the Fauquier Commonwealth’s Attorney’s Office to prosecute the case writing that “Biberaj and the Loudoun County Commonwealth’s Attorney’s Office is hereby REMOVED AND DISQUALIFIED from further prosecution as counsel of record in this matter.”

“The Commonwealth is deliberately misleading the Court, and the public, in an effort to ‘sell’ the plea agreement for some reason that has yet to be explained,” wrote Plowman, adding that Burton could have filed supplemental explanations, but to date, has not.

One former prosecutor speaking on the condition of anonymity because of continued work in the legal field said they were “pushed to bond people out in domestic violence cases,” and that “Buta pushes to let people out generally.”

According to data from Loudoun County’s Circuit Court, criminal indictments in the county have fallen dramatically, 67 %, since Biberaj was elected. In 2019, there were 681 indictments compared to 225 in 2021.

A judge got so sick of a prosecutor bending over backwards to get a criminal out of jail, to the point of lying to the court, that he removed her from the case.

That is a start.

A disqualification is serious and will be used against the DA again and definitely will be used against her in the next election.

The radical Left has pushed too far.

The wealthy ones in their gated communities may not have to face the ramifications of their actions but the rest of the people in those cities and counties do, and they are tired of the crime.

The last two years can be described as radical Left overreach and everyone but the sheltered radical Left are pissed at the results.

The pushback is gaining momentum.

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By J. Kb

9 thoughts on “The backlash against Woke prosecutors is upon us”
    1. It needs to happen much more broadly.
      Unfortunately in this case, it’s only one case; the DA needs to get the boot.

  1. Looking at the bigger picture?

    This rewards the Lowdown County by removing prosecution expenses from Loudon County and transferring the expenses to Fauquier County taxpayers.

    If there was only some way the VA Governor could step up, step in and kick Buta Biberaj in the crotch publicly by also transferring the funds for prosecution of the case to Fauquier County?

  2. What’s the over-under that if “Kevin Enriquez Valle” had been a white guy with a white-sounding name and a documented Republican voter, the judge would have had to throw the case out for malicious over-prosecution?

  3. The proper next step is for the DA in question to be charged with perjury. And/or contempt of court. And of course the legislature should consider impeachment.

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