I was first made aware of this shooting as a result of this Tweet:



I have stated, repeatedly, that with the enormous amount of theft and property crime in Progressive cities, so much that it’s causing big retailers to close stores, that it’s time to legalize lethal force in the defense of property.

Undoubtedly, San Francisco would go the other way on this, but I needed to understand why the change now.

This has to do with the shooting of Banko Brown.

Banko Brown was a black, trans man shoplifter who was shot by a security guard while robbing a Walgreens in San Francisco.  One of the last Walgreens in the city, considering that most have already closed due to loss from shoplifting.

For almost two weeks, the assumption was that Brown was shot for being a black trans man and society values property more than the lives of black trans people.

Now the security camera video has been released along with the San Francisco DA’s decision not to charge the security guard.


Honestly, I find this shoot to be of dubious quality.

The security guard had already done a successful takedown of Brown and at the time, it looked like Brown was leaving.

Part of me cynically notices that the security guard was black and do is the DA.  Brown was too, but I doubt the San Francisco DA wants to make any black on black shooting high profile.

You absolutely know if the security guard was white, he’d have been charged like Daniel Penny was in NYC.

With the DA not charging the security guard, justifying the shooting with self-defense, that destroys the board’s idea that the guard was not in danger and shot Brown to protect property.

This whole shooting and subsequent administrative rule change is a giant cluster fuck for San Francisco.

The city is clearly I’m collapse and all of it’s law enforcement is entirely based on racial and identity politics.

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By J. Kb

4 thoughts on “The Banko Brown Walgreens Shooting”
  1. If the SF persecutor couldn’t find a way to make a crime out of it, it was a good shoot. I give the guy who didn’t start off by breaking the law the benefit of the doubt.

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