Let us compare two topics.

Biden says he feels your pain about how much gas and food costs, and how he’s trying to help relieve that pressure.

But every single policy he implements raises gas and food prices.

All he needs to do is turn on US drilling and refining but he absolutely will not do that.


He bemoans the children killed in Texas.

He could harden the schools.

Yes, we need to address the cultural rot that produces school shooters, but hardening schools will be an immediate and positive impact.

Biden will not do that.

Instead he’s going to waste money and effort going after guns which will do absolutely nothing to stop school shootings.

He avoids the solutions that will actually fix problems to push an agenda that exacerbates problems.  Not on one topic but on all topics.

The only logical conclusion is that he is 100% malicious against the American people.

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By J. Kb

20 thoughts on “The Biden Administration is 100% malicious”
    1. Treason against the United States, shall consist only in levying War against them, or in adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort. (U.S. Constitution, Art. III, Sec. 3)

      We in these comments have been over Biden’s many, many screw-ups. I’m not going to re-hash them.

      Now, it’s not that screwing up is automatically treason, even if a screw-up works in our enemies’ favor; everyone screws up sometimes. If that were treason, every President — and indeed, every one of us — would be guilty.

      But in this first 16 months of the Biden presidency, it seems like every single action he takes harms American interests and enriches our enemies and/or himself. Every. Single. One.

      It’s said, as you allude, “Never attribute to malice that which can be adequately explained by stupidity” (Hanlon’s Razor). Substituting incompetence for stupidity, I’d counter that incompetence would be an occasional screw-up and an occasional good move, amidst a sea of “mostly meh”. (I realize that describes much of Trump’s presidency as well-meaning incompetence. I stand by that description; cutting regulations and asserting American interests abroad was good, hiring swamp-creature “yes men” and banning bump stocks was bad, but life mostly went on normally [i.e. “mostly meh”].)

      But Biden has made NO good moves, and has NOT wallowed in a sea of “mostly meh”. Every action his administration takes benefits our enemies to the detriment of our national interests. Life is significantly harder and/or more expensive now than it was under his predecessor, and the negative change is NOT “adequately explained by stupidity” or incompetence.

      One can only do this poorly with great effort. I must therefore deduce (as in, deductive reasoning) that it is intentional and malicious, and because it is intentional, it is treason. (IANAL warning in full effect.)

      1. All that said, I greatly worry about what the future looks like if the GOP takes over Congress and votes to charge a sitting Democrat President with treason. In the eyes of the Left, it will set a precedent that presidents are fair game.

        If Biden is charged, I predict that every Republican president for the foreseeable future will be impeached and charged with treason, first just for being elected, and again every time he/she strays from the Leftist/Marxist/Woke agenda. Every Republic-preserving, America-affirming action will be scrutinized and found to be treasonous by half the population.

        And why not? After all, it’s the GOP that will have “broken the ceiling” and set the precedent on charging Presidents with treason.

        1. “… it will set a precedent that presidents are fair game”. But that’s already Democrat doctrine, they told us so after Trump was elected (before the inauguration) and many times since then. And that, of course, is a big part of why Trump’s administration achieved so much less than it aimed for.

          1. I’d argue they knew their impeachment effort ultimately wouldn’t go anywhere, just like the dozens of GOP bills to repeal the ACA/Obamacare, so they felt free to talk big with no danger of actually doing anything.

            “Presidents are fair game” may be Democrat doctrine, but that ceiling remains as yet unbroken, and so far neither side has been willing to follow through on it.

            1. Really? Two impeachments and they haven’t declared war on any president they don’t like? Not even considering the endless attempts by prosecutors from county to dept of JustUs to find anything to lock President Trump in prison. It shocked me that the rinos didn’t join the house lynch party and the senate crap show.

              1. Impeached, yes, but not for TREASON. Please read the full thread for context, especially the one “pkoning” is replying to; I’m specifically talking about impeaching a sitting President on charges of treason.

                The Dems talked a big game and mentioned the possibility of charging Trump with treason, but they didn’t do it. They found a less-serious charge instead.

    1. Biden has an Affirmative Action White House, starting with his cabinet. If you stretch a bit you might find one or two Secretaries who are mildly competent, but certainly no more than that. Biden is the classic example of an insecure / incompetent manager who goes out of his way to hire only people less capable than he is. (Of course, Biden isn’t a manager at all — he’s never held a real job.) And given how stupid Biden is, hiring people even stupider is quite difficult. Somehow he has succeeded.

      1. Could not agree more. I can just imagine what a Cabinet meeting must sound like.
        “Secretary Pete, what’s up with the supply chain issues?”
        “I am sucking dick as fast as I can! Going to take it in the backside soon. IF that does not fix it, I do not know what will.”
        “Undersecretary Levine. How are we doing with the COVID pandemic?”
        “Scheduled to get my penis removed next week. We should be fine after that.”
        This is what happens when you promote people because of what the are, not what the do.

    1. Absolutely. Especially the state level, to pre-empt left wing local school policies such as in Uvalde. The states can, and need to, mandate school hardening policies. First among them should be that all schools shall permit CC permit holders on their staff to carry on school grounds, and any local policies to the contrary are void.

  1. Hanlon’s Razor must be taken into account.
    “Never ascribe to malice (or conspiracy) what is explainable by incompetence (or stupidity)”
    However, even I am beginning to think this is deliberate.

    1. Had Hanlon ever met Jhiao Bribem?

      His “razor” might have been restated.

      I have heard that sufficient amounts of stupidity are indistinguishable from enemy action. Perhaps the Russian Army could weigh in?

    2. At a minimum, we’re looking at gross incompetence…so maybe not treason. I hear impeachment is all the rage these days.

      1. I’ve been saying, it cannot be incompetence, gross or otherwise.

        Incompetence means they don’t know what they’re doing. If that’s the case, there will be some positive actions, by random chance if nothing else.

        Brandon does not take actions beneficial to America. Ever. In fact, in most situations, given a spread of potential options, his administration consistently chooses the worst one available.

        The “randomness” inherent in incompetence doesn’t adequately explain that.

        There is a (rather strong) possibility that Brandon himself is grossly incompetent, and is surrounded by malicious ideologues taking advantage of his addled mind and convincing him of the “right” thing to do. If that’s the case, a “25th Amendment” remedy may be more appropriate than impeachment, but that’s still a dangerous precedent to set. The Left will use it as another tool with which to attack sitting Republican presidents in the future.

        But even if the figurehead is incompetent, the administration as a whole is malicious to the point of treason. The hardest parts will be: 1. identifying individuals to charge, as “advisors” tend to disappear into the crowd so no single person can be blamed; and 2. making an accusation stick when they’re just “advisors” and not decision-makers. Giving bad advice is not a crime.

        It’s almost as if they know this and are playing the system to avoid consequences, or something.

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