The US Dollar is being replaced by the Chinese Yuan on the world stage as the world’s reserve currency.

This is the inevitable result of fiscal policy that has created unchecked inflation.

The world recognizes that our currency is becoming worthless and finds another to replace it.

This, above all else, will absolutely destroy the economic power of the US.

Biden didn’t do it alone, over a decade of quantitative easing and modern monetary policy did it, but Biden kicked that shit into over drive.

The hard times have yet to really begin.

When the rest of the world decides it no longer needs American dollars, we are done.


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By J. Kb

One thought on “The Biden Administration nailed down America’s coffin lid”
  1. That’s what happens when “feelings” become more important than creating and maintaining the wealth that allows you to focus on your “feelings”
    Net result, we get people elected because “it’s time for us to have a black President”, and you get appointees that are selected because of what they are, not what the do.
    It is a wealthy nation that has the luxury to care about woke/ESG/DIE/whatever. And, when that nation places those causes before creating and maintaining that wealth, they will lose both the wealth, and their feelgood happy horseshit cause.

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