The biggest criticism I have of Israel is that I never fought with the venom and hatred that the Palestinians have when they attack Israel.

Every Palestinian child that picks up a Rick should be shot on sight.

If you’re going to be accused of genocide, you might as well wipe out your enemy.


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By J. Kb

3 thoughts on “The biggest criticism I have of Israel”
  1. “Every Palestinian child that picks up a Rick should be shot on sight.”

    I will admit that I don’t like when people pick me up, but should they be shot? 8>)

    The training of young children to hate and kill Jews just perpetuates the problem. I recall a video where a small child wearing a headband stabs his “Jewish” teddy bear with a real knife. Adorable.

  2. And he’s lying about the “fair” part. Emptying an automatic rifle into a child’s car seat is not a air fight. A bomb vest in a pizza restaurant is not a fair fight. The Palestinians are cowards led by criminals, supported by Jew haters. If they had an ounce of courage they’d try something other than foaming-at-the-mouth violence.

    1. @Crawford: I am somewhat empathetic to their situation as the Palestinians have been lied to for generations. After the founding of Israel, they were told that we’ll crush those Jews and everything will be yours. Just trust us and wait. Well, as we know, that crushing didn’t quite work out as promised.

      The lies have continued and apparently, the “refugees” aren’t smart enough to get out from under that weight.

      I am typically mildly amused when ignorant (or ate they stupid?) people talk about Israel and the British mandate as if it refers to what we now see as the land of Israel. AT the time, it included Trans-Jordan (the land ‘across the Jordan’) which we now know as Jordan. No one is trying to purge Jordan of Jews and no neighboring Arabic countries want to keep the “refugees” on a permanent basis.

      The name “Palestine” was from the Roman’s name as the Philistines used to live there.

      All they have is blaming the Jews of Israel.

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