Via the Holland Sentinel: Letters to the Editor: How can GOP candidates ask for our support when they don’t accept truth?

We all live in our bubbles. Information bubbles where we hear what we expect to hear and anything outside of our expectations can be ignored.

My Lady does Tarot readings and she has multiple decks she uses. She’s pretty good at it. But she says I’m better at it than she is, even though I’ve never done a Tarot reading. What she does is what is called a “cold reading”. She says something and looks for a response in the person she is reading for. Those subtle body hints are then used to create a more and more accurate telling of what the person is looking to hear.

In the end the person that got the reading walks away, amazed at how accurate the reading was. They then look forward to the predictions coming true. That prediction that good fortunate will come her way takes six months but when it does, she looks back in amazement that my Lady was able to predict the good fortune.

This works because the predictions that don’t come true are forgotten. The one that did come true is remembered.

When we live in our bubbles we lose sight of what is outside and can easily ignore it.

For the conservative side our bubble isn’t very tight. There are just too many places where we are forced to see the opinions of others. It is forced on us at every step.

We KNOW that there are huge numbers of people that are sure that Trump tried to over throw the 2020 election. We can’t escape it. We know that there are large numbers of people that believe that there was no cheating during the 2020 election. There is no belief we hold that we aren’t aware that there are all those on the other side that believe differently.

Even if all we did was read GFZ and watched Fox News we would still be exposed to other opinions and points of view.

Those on the left can exist in a bubble that is so strong that they have never had to even hear our opinions. If they have, they have heard the straw man version. The version where their sources tell them what our sources said, did or believe. Without ever given the actual words or actions.

At the top of this article is the link to this persons actual words. You can go read them for yourself. You don’t have to trust me.

I inquired as to what this was trying to convey, and he said that due to the Biden Administration’s irresponsible spending we were currently experiencing sky-high gas prices. I patiently explained to him that — no, the current administration, or any administration, is not responsible for gas prices. Oil is an international commodity, and is susceptible to the vagaries of the global economy.

I am growing impatient with this cheap, disingenuous and wrong-headed spin Republicans are using to criticize the Biden Administration. This is a lazy way to get Republican voters to the polls, and it’s actually disrespectful to the electorate for assuming that the voters are dumb enough to fall for this. The price of gas has very, very little to do with any administration.

This is a person speaking from inside their bubble. I don’t know Annie Sterken of Holland, MI. I can make some good guesses. I am willing to bet that three years ago when the Democrats were screaming about high gas prices and blaming Trump, she was blaming Trump.

She goes on to tell use that the price of gas is driven by the price of crude oil and that the administration doesn’t have control over the price of crude oil. That it is world wide pricing and as such the current administration can’t really effect it.

She blames inflation on all sorts of things, none of which has anything to do with what the current administration has done.

This is the bubble that the left lives in. It is a bubble so strong that they can hold four conflicting opinions at the same time and not see anything wrong with any of the four. They can do this because they will take each of those four opinions and only look at it in isolation. With the very next opinion, they will totally ignore what they said just minutes before.

The recent Scott Adam’s meme shows exactly this: “According to CNN, America is the kind of country in which the citizens will bring loaded firearms to any sort of occasion except for attempted overthrows of their own government.”

Annie goes on to say “We are now experiencing a very strong economic recovery, and economic growth also has a strong impact on oil consumption.”

She’s correct about economic growth having a strong impact on oil consumption, but we aren’t in a strong economic recovery. Article after article in all media talks about how inflation is here to stay and that it will get worse. The tea leaves certainly indicate that there are going to be food shortages soon.

The problem is that you can’t reach people that live in this sort of bubble. Any indicator or fact you use to show the administration’s policies are causing economic hardship and inflation will be met with denial and blame shifting. It doesn’t matter what opinion they have, no fact counter to their opinion makes it through the filter of their bubble. You can see the same thing from Senator Warren. Every bit of inflation is caused by greedy corporations and the only fix is for her to have more control over those corporations.

Do your best to talk to people. Remember they live in a bubble and they think you are the one with no outside the bubble view. There is a short video from Last Man Standing that fits this completely. Ryan is helping Eve(?) study for a debate. He has to present both sides of an opinion. For the liberal side he does a good job, as he is a liberal. When it came time to represent the conservative side, he put forth a one line straw man.

In the show, Ryan, much like Annie, had no way of seeing the conservative point of view in any way while knowing they completely understood conservatives.

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By awa

4 thoughts on “The Bubbles We Live In”
  1. In that last paragraph, should “knowing” be in quotes? Or !maybe phrased as “think they know?”
    In any case. Something interesting I note about bubbles: generally the stronger a person’s bubble wall is, the more convincing they can sound when attempting to convert someone to their opinion. It’s the belief in their voice, of course, not necessarily the content.
    Re Ms. Sterken, indeed oil and fuel prices are a complex distillation of many factors. But that includes the “supply” side, e.g. what happens when production and transport options are reduced. Thus they also must factor in governmental policies that have strong influence right at the start. She stops juuust before getting to that point.
    Partial truth, rather than outright fantasy, can be harder to see through.

    1. I thought about putting it in quotes but I think it is more powerful as written. R. Reagan: The trouble with our Liberal friends is not that they’re ignorant; it’s just that they know so much that isn’t so”

  2. They seem to forget that during the “last administration “ we had energy independenance AND cheap fuel- biden and crowd F’d that all up… after nine years of being out and about in a retail environment I find people hear what they want to hear.

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