Lock people down, take away their social interactions, keep them from going to work or school, isolate them, surely there will be no ramifications from that…


This guy spent three COVID lockdown on 4chan interacting with assholes online anonymously instead of going to school with friends.

It was there on 4chan that he became this monster.

Legitimately some of the blood from this attack is on the hands of the people pushing the lockdowns, who created this situation.

I don’t think this will be the last shooting carried out by someone who was radicalized during COVID isolation.

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By J. Kb

8 thoughts on “The Buffalo shooting and COVID”
  1. I’m hesitant to even take the manifesto at face value. Supposedly chunks of it were copy-pasted from the NZ Christchurch shooter’s manifesto.

  2. Actually, I think that this is going to be used to go after online discussion boards like 4chan more than it will be used against guns. Shut down online discussion and you shut down the ability for people to organize. Here comes the Disinformation board.

  3. There’s an interesting nugget in there. The web address for the daily stormer is a Chinese one.
    Hm. Between WuFlu, fentanyl, TikTok, and now this, how many separate instances do we have showing the ChiComs trying to take out the USA?

  4. Some of the blame has to fall at the feet of what passes for education these days. Most of the citizens that grew up in my time, (50’s through part of the 70`s) were at least exposed to critical thinking in public schools. It is difficult to fool someone that applies critical thinking into believing the pure bs that the shooter was exposed to on the internet. Most of us have come to a completely different conclusions when exposed to propaganda than he did.

  5. Someday, the amount of destruction caused by our overreaction to a virus will be tabulated. I suspect it will dwarf the damage caused by the disease itself.

    1. Absolutely. Brett Baier had a piece about that this evening, in which he reminded us of a fact that was clearly documented a while back: COVID is less deadly for the under-25 population segment than cars.
      Fortunately, Xi seems to be intent on proving to the world just how completely you can f*** this up.

  6. I’ve got a big hmmmmmmmm emoji on my face reading that.

    Crazy how once more we see a person known to LE redicalized in a way that has so much overlap with gang membership and terrorism. Almost like we kinda know the causes by now but don’t do anything to help the isolated disaffected people with no sense of community, friendship, or family and often have some other mental health issues or are simply weird, antisocial, or spergy and are easily identified. Yep how could we possibly figure out who these easily identifiable people are and extend the olive branch that might prevent these sort of tragedies. We better ban guns and free thought and communication instead. Yea that totally won’t radicalize anyone else…

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