Allow me to don my tinfoil hat and extrapolate the Carbajal-Flores decision to a potentially horrific end.

First, let me set the stage.


Officer Exodus: 1,000+ Chicago cops left the job last year

Last August, the number of sworn officers plunged to 11,611, its lowest level in years. The department was down 1,742 officers from its peak four years earlier.

“What we really started to notice over the last few years is we didn’t have the manpower to man the beat cars,” said recently retired Chicago police lieutenant John Garrido.

A deeper dive into the data by WGN Investigates found 35% of the officers who left the department last year resigned as opposed to retired.

“Those officers aren’t just quitting and staying home,” Garrido said. “I know many of them. They’re going to other law enforcement agencies.” Garrido attributes to the increase in resignations to what he labels as a toxic work environment in which officers don’t feel supported by police leaders, the mayor or the county’s top prosecutor.

Chicago police have expanded their recruitment efforts to try to fill their depleted ranks. Nine-hundred-and-fifty new officers were hired last year but that’s still short of the 1,046 who left.

New York City:

NYPD cops leave force in alarming rate — over 2,500 turned in badges so far in 2023

New York’s Finest continue to bolt from the job at an alarming rate, according to new data obtained by The Post — and some cops worry the exodus will only get worse because the city plans to cancel the next five Police Academy classes, shrinking the nation’s largest police force to the smallest its been in decades.

A total of 2,516 NYPD cops have left so far this year, the fourth highest number in the past decade and 43% more than the 1,750 who hightailed it in 2018, before the pandemic and crime spikes hit the city, NYPD pension data show.

The number of cops quitting before they reach the 20 years required to receive their full pensions also skyrocketed from 509 in 2020 to 1,040 so far this year — an alarming 104% increase, the data show.

The years of departures and lack of replacements are now taking a toll, forcing the cops who remain on the job to work “inhumane amounts of forced overtime,” Police Benevolent Association President Patrick Hendry said.

Los Angeles:

LAPD dwindles to smallest force since 1990s due to ‘anti-police rhetoric,’ police union says

Department struggling to hire new recruits amid challenges

The Los Angeles Police Department has shrunk to its smallest size since the 1990s as officers resign in droves and officer morale sinks to an all-time low.

The number of officers employed fell below 9,000 at the end of July, a figure estimated by the city’s largest police union, the Los Angeles Police Protective League (LAPPL). They say the high cost of living and morale issues are making it impossible for the city to maintain its goal of maintaining 9,500 officers.

LAPD Chief Michel Moore told the Board of Police Commissioners that the incoming academy class only has 29 recruits.

Since 2020, the LAPD has lost more than 1,000 officers. It’s a trend seen nationwide as big cities struggle to retain officers. On Tuesday, the Minneapolis police chief said the situation is “unsustainable” as the department is losing officers faster than it can hire them.

New York City, Chicago, Philadelphia and Seattle are also experiencing severe staffing issues in the wake of the 2020 riots – which sparked from the death of George Floyd at the hands Minneapolis police officers – citing low morale among officers.

Across the country police are quitting.

A combination of political factors, including anti-police attitudes becoming mainstream among Democrat politicians and a lack of prosecution that makes policing effectively useless, have demoralized police.

Nobody wants to be a cop.

Let’s add a second layer to this shit cake.


California passed a law that allows non-U.S. citizens to serve as police officers.

Los Angeles Police Chief Michel Moore said his department is working to allow non-citizen DACA recipients who are officers the ability to carry a firearm, full-time.

California passed a law that allows non-U.S. citizens to serve as police officers.

“We think the DACA-mented people have a dream of becoming full-fledged members of our society,” said Francisco Moreno of COFEM. “Their loyalty is proven, and they excel in many fields.”

However, there are federal restrictions regarding DACA recipients having guns. They could have police-issued weapons on duty, but wouldn’t be allowed to take them home like other officers.

Moore said the department is looking to see how to make off-duty hours part of their work.

Now let’s ice this shit cake and bring it all together.

Illinois judge rules illegal migrants can carry guns

A federal judge in Illinois appointed by President Barack Obama ruled that the Constitution protects the rights of noncitizens who enter the US illegally after a Mexican immigrant living in Chicago was found in possession of a handgun.

US District Judge Sharon Johnson Coleman ruled earlier this month that a federal ban on undocumented immigrants owning firearms is unconstitutional, and dismissed charges against Heriberto Carbajal-Flores, who was arrested in 2020 after violating a federal law that prohibits noncitizens from possessing guns.

Forget DACA and off-duty prohibitions, illegals can now have guns.

So what stops a progressive city from hiring illegals as police officers?

We’re constantly told that illegals will do the work Americans don’t want to do at pay less than what Americans will accept.

Typically, that has meant things like picking lettuce or tarring roofs.

Now that illegals can carry guns, that very well might mean being cops.

They will bring the corruption, brutality, and disregard for civil rights from the shit hole countries they come from to American policing.

That is a feature, not a bug.

These are the officers who will kick in your door and seize your guns on orders to do so.

They don’t respect your rights. They will not disobey an unconstitutional order.

They have no vulnerable family here that they fear reprisals against.

Thru are the perfect brute squad political enforcers, loyal to the party that pays them and keeps them in this country.

Of course, if this begins to happen, you know the cartels will send members to join US police departments to serve the cartels in uniform.

I know this might sound far fetched now, but explain to me where my logic is wrong.

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By J. Kb

6 thoughts on “The Carbajal-Flores decision and illegals doing the jobs Americans won’t”
  1. Sadly enough, this will be true. I predicted the future may not end well for anyone.

    Get prepared for survival. Time is not on your side.

  2. “I know this might sound far fetched now, but explain to me where my logic is wrong.”.
    Your error is in trusting the damn media. You did the same thing I did. I assumed that the judge had ruled that it was legal for illegal aliens to possess guns.
    That is not what she did. And it took reading five different court opinions to figure it out. My full evaluation comes out tomorrow morning.

    1. please Sir, make it readable for us old knuckle draggin neanderthals so we arent waving a rifle screaming on our lawns Friday…. we DO live in interesting times don’t we….

    2. I assumed that the judge had ruled that it was legal for illegal aliens to possess guns.
      That is the kind of click-bait, inflammatory language the Leftist propaganda corps mainstream media likes to use instead of facts, isn’t it?
      I look forward to your analysis.

  3. Your reasoning and logic is not far fetched. However, it takes a much larger conspiracy than is realistic. Hanlon’s razor applies.
    (paraphrased) “Never ascribe to conspiracy what it easier explained by stupidity.”
    Everything you mention IS happening. But, it is not happening because the government in those cities WANT to use illegals for police so they have a goon squad. It is more likely happening because the governments in those cities are run by children (or adults with child like thinking skills) who have ZERO idea there may be negative consequences to their actions.
    Everything you said, defund the police, stop racist bail, sanctuary city status, etc… Every single one of them will result in making the city worse, but like toddlers fixated on getting one more cookie, they are convinced their action is the right thing to do. And, just like that five year old, when it turns out bad, they double down with more and more bad decisions because… they could not be wrong. It is everyone else that is the problem.
    Stupidity is ruling here, not malice.
    However, the point is not lost. After the illegals are the police, after criminals/cartels start running the police, then what you describe will happen. It is not by design, it is because people are taking advantage of idiots.

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