Can the Democrats please fucking stop use the same phrase “the Big Lie” to describe Trump’s (accurate) assessment that Biden received the popular vote because of fuckery with Adolf Hitler’s anti-Semitic conspiracy theory that the Jews undermined Germany.

Pretty fucking please?

Never mind.

The Jew-hating fucks in the Democrat party will use all the Jew-hating Hiltlerian language they want because nobody on the Left will call them out on it.

Fuck them.

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By J. Kb

6 thoughts on “The casual anti-Semitism of the Democrats never ceases to amaze”
  1. If they want people to believe elections are valid, then they should require photo IDs, make ballot harvesting illegal, and require one-day, in-person voting. Instead they block all of that, demand looser, easier-to-cheat rules, and then whine when people make the obvious conclusion.

    1. I am constantly reminded that your average leftist is really just a big child.

      They do not seem to be aware their actions carry more weight than their words. They also don’t seem to realize that people have memories, and they can remember when you said the opposite thing yesterday. And, they (like children) cannot and will not spend any time ground checking their arguments. Not a second’s thought that someone might question them.

      As to their “For the People” act, and how ridiculous it is, remember these are the people who think a law will stop people. Once again, childlike.

  2. Ya all you republicans refuse to say the election was legit so YOU are the problem… €£¥% @&$:;/{}]\=+*^%¥£€!!!????||||. You
    Oh and all you dems bleatin for 4 years that Trump and russia colluded, Trump this Trump that Trump Trump Trump , we just supposed to not remember THAT

  3. “The Big Lie is deeply corrosive because as a democracy we can’t really function if people think that elections are not valid.”

    So, stop doing everything you can possibly do to stop the audits. Stop the lawsuits, let the audit demonstrate clearly that the election system is 100% reliable, valid, and trustworthy. What is undercutting the population’s trust in the election system is not the audits, it is the people fighting against the audits.

    This really is a “if you have nothing to hide, why are you fighting it?” situation.

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