The engineers at Boeing who designed the Chinook designed one hell of an aircraft.


When China invades Taiwan, I guarantee it’s going to be CH-47s that evacuate our diplomats off that embassy rooftop too.



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By J. Kb

3 thoughts on “The CH-47 Chinook: diplomats’ asses from foreign policy f*ck-ups for 46 years”
  1. That wasn’t a Chinook in Saigon. That was a CH-46 Sea Knight. Smaller and used by the Marines.

  2. If I were Taiwan, I’d be shiting my pants. When China takes over Taiwan, it will be hard and fast and sleepy joe ain’t gonna take that phone call. Will look more like Blackhawk down than Kabul. If we are lucky, japan may put up a good fight

    1. What Taiwan needs, right this minute, is a Swiss defense posture. An M-16 and a dozen loaded mags for every adult, stored in their homes.
      I wonder how many NRA instructors would be willing to sign up for a “train the trainers” session in Taiwan, so all those new militia members can get the equivalent of NRA Basic Marksman training in the next few months. That’s not much, but enough for them to be the proverbial “rifle behind every blade of grass”.

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