I didn’t watch all of it, because it was seven-fucking-hours long, but I did watch enough.

The overarching theme of the entire spectacle was “we are going to control every aspect of your life and upend the economy.”

No one candidate had a plan that didn’t involve spending trillions, yes trillions, of dollars to push tectonic shifts in our economy and infrastructure.

Not just that, every candidate had an idea about how you have to fundamentally alter your life for the more inconvenient to be more green.

Andrew Yang wants to go all Beto O’Rourke on your car.

Excuse me, but my “clunker” is my dream truck.  It cost me nearly $60K and worked very hard to be able to buy it.  If you think I’m going to give up my Power Wagon for a Nissan Leaf for pennies on the dollar, fuck you.

Kamala Harris wants to use the power of the USDA to make you eat less red meat.

I lived in Nebraska and South Dakota, I knew a lot of people who were in ranching.  Not just ranching itself, but in the industries that support ranching, from producing cattle feed to making equipment to processing beef.

Understand that out in the Western states, they ranch because the ground is not in the right condition to be farmed for crops.  It’s too steep or rocky or not fit for planting.

I have never heard a single politician address what will happen to the millions of people who will be forced into economic destitution by the destruction of the meat industry.

Then there were the things that were said that show a total lack of understanding of reality.

Back to Yang for a minute.  He was asked about PFAS in the water.

PFAS is the latest in “we’re all going to die” panic, despite there being no evidence of harm from it.  PFAS or Polyfluoroalkyl Substances are largely used as fire-retardant additives.

So an honest answer to a “what are you going to do about PFAS?” would be:

PFAS are added to everyday items to make them less flammable.  You are surrounded by electricity all the time and you have no idea how often shorts happen.  The reason everything isn’t on fire all the time in your house is that we use chemicals like PFAS to make everything from building materials to household goods less likely to burst into flame in case of an electrical short.  If we didn’t have PFAS in your microwave popcorn bag, it would be a fire hazard every time you tried to make popcorn.  We could ban all these substances, but then we’re going to have house fires and fire death rates like we did in the 1950’s, and all your stuff will be on fire all the time.”

Yang was one of a few candidates that brought up Flint and its water crisis.

I say this with all the authority of a PE in metallurgy with an extensive background in corrosion science, climate change had nothing to do with the Flint water crisis.  I want to know who was the PE that signed off on pumping untreated river water through metal piping without corrosion inhibitors and is he in jail yet?

Pete Buttigieg actually said this about speaking about climate change in a way people from the Midwest would understand: “If you believe that God is watching while poison is being belched into the air of Creation. And people are being harmed by it. Countries are at risk of vanishing in low-lying areas. What o you suppose God thinks of that?! I bet he thinks it’s messed up.”

I cannot get over how much of an insufferable, holier-than-thou, prick he is.  It’s all the arrogance of a Liberal elitist combined with religious moralism of a televangelist.

That doesn’t sound like someone from Indiana.  That sounds like someone from Manhattan trying to sound like someone from Indiana, having never met anyone from Indiana.

I wonder how the people in the steel mills and factories of the Midwest will feel about Pete putting them out of work by quadrupling the cost of doing business through carbon taxation and energy prices?

You cannot run an electric arc furnace or aluminum smelter off wind and solar.  Keeping 200 tons of iron molten at 2500°F in a crucible requires quite a bit of energy.

After watching as much as I could I learned that the Democrats are going to force me to give up my guns, truck, and barbecue brisket for pennies on the dollar in a buyback while destroying the manufacturing industry in America, costing me my job.


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By J. Kb

7 thoughts on “The CNN Town Hall on Climate Change”
  1. After watching as much as I could I learned that the Democrats are going to force me to give up my guns, truck, and barbecue brisket for pennies on the dollar in a buyback while destroying the manufacturing industry in America, costing me my job.

    Even more insane, the money they buy them back with is yours. You pay taxes with one hand and they buy back your guns, truck, and brisket with the money you just handed over.

  2. All this climate change bullshiite car buy backs solar wind gettin rid of meat assahola idiot(what about the swede who wants us to EAT humans??) idiots dont scare me a wit… ya kno what do scare me?? 2024 , whats America gonna do after 8 years of Trumpy?? Vote democrat???

  3. OK, here is a fundamental truth that the Democrats, and most environmental warriors seem to miss.

    Only wealthy countries have the luxury of caring about the environment. North Korea does not care how much they pollute. Large swaths of Africa do not care. China certainly does not care, even though they are quite wealthy.

    But… and this is the point they miss…
    When you put caring about the environment before sustaining that wealth, you will lose both the environment and your wealth.

    When the choice becomes your family’s dinner versus that tree or river, what do you think people will chose?

    1. More precisely: only wealthy and reasonably free countries care about the environment. Communists do not, independent of whether the country they run is reasonably prosperous, or not. Some of the worst ecological disasters in recent history were brought to you by communist Russia (Chernobyl, the vanishing Aral Sea) and communist China (killer smog, rivers clogged with dead pigs). And why not, after all? Those things only affect the minions — the ones no dictator cares about whether they live or die.

      1. That is why I refer to caring about the environment as a luxury afforded to wealthy nations. Just because communists do not take advantage of that luxury does not mean they cannot afford to.

        However, you further statement about the higher ups not caring about the minions is spot on. And, if these idiots get elected, they will be sure that the coastal elites that elected them get a free pass for a few years. Then NYC/LA/ChiTown/SEA/SF/Austin will get run roughshod over at the elites convenience.

  4. The trump card( no pun intended)is that you are a PE. You understand science, math, physics and are not an idiot, as each of those folks seem to be.

    Robert Francis “Pretend Hispanic” O’Rourke wants to kill the oil and has industry, kill the lubricants and metal Protectants industry and destroy the cattle industry and the State of Israel. Oh, and he wants our guns too. And is proud of it. O ‘Rourke must be running for President Of Manhattan. He certainly has little appeal in Texas.

    Thank you for your sane analysis.

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