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This is the sort of confidence that comes from total ignorance of history.

How does that land whale expect to survive a fight?

I believe that she believes that a second Civil War will look like a big George Floyd or Pro-Palestine protest/riot.

Thru block traffic, they set fires, they smash windows, and we surrender.

They are used to being treated either kid gloves.

They fire mortar fireworks at police and the police come back with tear gas.

They block traffic and then they cry and scream when some car pushes through them at 5 mph, giving them plenty of time to get out of the way.

Thru can’t conceive of real pushback.

Of when they block traffic, a driver gets out with a rifle and starts shooting them.

They throw rocks and frozen water bottles and the return is M855, not pepper spray.

They’ve never cranked the violence knob past 3 or 4, so don’t understand what violence really is and how to prepare for it.

They learned about Yugoslavia from their tankie friends.  They have never heard of Rwanda.

History books are what they set their bongs on.

That green haired hippopotamus will be found dead in the streets because she was too fat to be marched all the way into the woods to be shot.

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By J. Kb

20 thoughts on “The confidence of ignorance”
  1. The cities and dense suburbs are already lost. And just like the CHOP/CHAZ, they’ll turn on each other and they will become controlled by local ‘warlords’.

    When they try moving into the small towns and rural areas, that’s when the fun begins.

    1. it will only be different if the people in small towns and rural areas are organized. No individual or small family unit is safe from organized assault. Who will respond when 50 people — mob or police or whoever — descend on your house?

      1. The people that just want to be left alone will always be beaten by the people who want to win.

        Even if the people who want to win are fat and ugly.

      2. People behaving badly, respond with retreat or death when fired upon. In my own home, I only ask 30 seconds nothince so that I can prepare coffee and cakes for them to enjoy.

  2. during all the “anti fa” stupidity some thought the suburbs would be fun to go riot in, they found out quick that some places were unhealthy for morons …. IF it gets real, many will learn the true meaning of violence… areas of America are powder kegs waiting for the short fuse to be lit.

    1. Black Lies Matter decided to make a trip north of Seattle to a place called Snohomish.

      The word was out, and the sidewalks were lined with A LOT of people carrying all manner of lead launchers.

      They decided it probably wasn’t to smart to hang around.

      Same thing in Post Falls Idaho. Boneheads from Spokane made the trip to Idaho, took one look and decided that they didn’t have a good enough health plan.

      Funny how that works out.

  3. These people may not understand violence, but the people who run them do. The world has seen a thousand times what this process is. It begins with this kind of prancing and ends with towers of skulls. And the record of conservatives in stopping socialist uprisings has not been encouraging. As far as I know, it’s only been stopped once — the Spanish Civil War in the 1930s. It takes more than moving to the suburbs to avoid the fate of the White Russians, the Nationalist Chinese, the Khmer Republic, the South Vietnamese, and on and on. Even here in the Western Hemisphere, the Christians did not *win* in, for instance, the Cristero War against the atrocities the socialist government in Mexico committed against believers. At best it was a draw that tempered the worst of the antichristian murders. As long as people sit in their homes alone and think that because they have a rifle they are safe, they are doomed.

    1. The Finnish Civil War also ended with the Whites beating the Reds, but did require German assistance.

    2. Most sober post, 2 thumbs down. That’s tracks with the delusions of people who cant think past haveing a rifle and plates makes you safe.

  4. I took a lecture class on self defense/violence from a cat who had been there, done that. One line he said stuck with me. “Once you open the door to violence, you don’t get to close it and you don’t get to control who comes through it.”
    You’re right that a lot of them think it would be like 2020 in Seattle or Minneapolis. They have no comprehension of how ugly it would get if the dam broke. I’ve said numerous times that I thought if CW2 kicked off, some of the atrocities committed in the name of settling scores would make Radovan Karadžić go “That’s a bit much!”

    1. It will NOT be payback. It will be 1. Survival, and then 2. Tribunals, with justice following a few munites later.

      What is right, is that as soon as the left get their shooting war, and I have to KILL some dirt bag(s) in defence of myself, my family or my property, I will not quit until the tribunals can be held safely.

      The reason I will not stop killing until it is safe for tribunals is, I am not quitting the fight, and have the restored “law” put me into prison or execute me for defending my life, my family, or my property.

      The left has been begging for their shooting war for 100 years. When the left fans their war(s) into flames, they will rue their war(s) on D-Day+1. But then, there is no stopping their war(s) until half the earth perishes.

  5. Juvenile, childish behavior.
    Imagine a five year old wearing a batman T-shirt. Confidence overload, reality be damned.
    No different here. They think they are right, therefor in their mind, they ARE right, and everyone else will submit to their will.
    Personal opinion, not enough people take punches to the face in schoolyards anymore.

  6. The left has been begging for their shooting war for 100 years. When the left fans their war(s) into flames, they will rue their war(s) on D-Day+1. But then, there is no stopping their war(s) until half the earth perishes.

    1. Good point.
      Ham ass probably had the same mindset. “We will hit them so hard they will surrender.”
      How’d that work out for them?

  7. When those who simply desire to be left alone, get forced into fighting, they will have lost everything except their lives.

    How do you stop those sorts of folks, if not by killing every. single. one. of them?

    Will “recruitment” stop at 3 % of “our side”, or will 7%? 10%? of “our side” take up arms?

  8. Civil war 1 looks like such a nice clean break and tidy ending because it was 160 years ago. This person has no idea. But hey, they probably won’t be a land whale anymore if they survive it!

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