Desperate victims of Mayfield tornado burn the wreckage of their own home to stay warm as temperatures drop below freezing ahead of Biden’s visit: 12 children are among the 74 confirmed dead from storms

The victims of last week’s Mayfield tornadoes, which killed at least 74 across Kentucky, have been left without heat, water or electricity as they burn what’s left of their homes to stay warm in frigid temperatures.

State authorities said the level of destruction was hindering their ability to tally the total damage of Friday’s storms that raged across five states and worried about people’s ability to fend off the freezing cold as President Joe Biden heads to Mayfield on Wednesday to survey the ruin.

Our infrastructure is so damaged. We have no running water,’ Mayfield Mayor Kathy Stewart O’Nan told CBS Mornings.

‘Our wastewater management was lost, and there’s no natural gas to the city. So we have nothing to rely on there. So that is purely survival at this point for so many of our people.’

People are freezing, starving, and burning the wreckage of their homes for heat.

What does Biden care about?

He’s pushing the BBB as a bill that could prevent tornadoes and force COVID boosters on freezing people who had everything they own blown away.

This is malicious.

The “grief whisperer” and “most empathetic” President ever is a scumbag who has no interest in helping people, just taking advantage of them and using them as props for his BBB.

Maybe the town could collect enough cash to buy a Hunter Biden painting for the town hall then Pedo Joe might actually muster up a shit to give about poor people in rural Kentucky.

Every single one member of this Administration can go fuck themselves with a tornado downed power line.


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By J. Kb

10 thoughts on “The consistent message of this Administration is “fuck you poors.””
  1. Hardly anything going through my head is repeatable.

    All I can say is that every single person that is saying anything but “What can we do to help,” “What do you need,” What red tape can we clear,” or “Where do you need people and equipment,” is a loathsome, vile, feckless, repugnant fuck who would do humanity a great service by fornicating themselves with that downed power line. They just need to make sure that bitch is live before they do it.

  2. They’re going to let Sleepy Joe visit Kentucky after running his drooling gob like that?

    My tinfoil hat is twitching and my paranoia meter is ticking like a Geiger counter doing the Pripyat tour.

  3. Jhiao Bribem: vax clinics

    Mid-level provider peon me: volunteered to go to Kentucky. (They have a website)

    To be honest, Ky has not gotten back to me. But, my truck, camper, skills & experience were honestly ready & willing to go.

    Red State, say hello to Blue State. Wave as you drive past.

    Oh, yes: FJB.

  4. I hope the very least the good citizens of Mayfield is turn thier backs on ol shits his pants…. How out of actual touch with reality.. if i were governor of Kentucky Id say we dont want you here

  5. “I propose a way to deal with this…”

    Didn’t he have a plan to end the panicdemic as well? Seem to remember a tweet about Trump having no plan, and he did. Curious where that plan is. Wonder if it is the same plan he is proposing now.

    Personally, I think Trump should get together with Mike Lindell and start air lifting food, water, and blankets to the disaster areas. Oh… wait They probably aready did. The news would never cover that.

  6. How, exactly, does the BBB plan propose to “prevent deadly tornadoes”?

    Are they proposing to construct a network of weather control machines, straight out of Star Trek?

    Or will they just serve Mother Nature with legal notice that tornadoes above an arbitrary wind-speed are now banned for civilian use?

    I’m very interested in hearing how Gropey Joe believes he can prevent a natural disaster.

  7. And when he gets there, he’ll ramble on and on about Beau to people unfortunate enough to have to meet the icecream licker.

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