At this time there are dozens of lawsuits in play by many different players fighting for our Second Amendment guaranteed rights. These are cases being run by some of the best lawyers in the country. Some of those lawyers are admitted to the Supreme Court bar.

Legal costs add up in a hurry.

My wife did a stupid a few years ago, a traffic violation. Nobody was hurt. It had nothing to do with being impaired while driving. It was a moment of inattention followed with some serious brain not engaged stupid.

She was guilty, she wanted to plead guilty. We still got a lawyer involved. For a simple traffic case with nobody trying to do anything and not arguing, just negotiating for the least punishment, it cost us over $3000. That was for a good local lawyer.

Right now the Oregon Firearms Federation as a suit field in the district court. The case is being argued by Attorney John Kaempf. His rates to the OFF are $500/hour for attorneys’ work and $250/hour for paralegals’ work. This appears to be at some sort of discount as other lawyers in the area are charging more.

At this point OFF has racked up more than $126,000 in legal fees. They have already paid $60,000 of that but have not been able to pay the December bill.

This case is going to cost a boat load of money to fight. OFF doesn’t seem to have the money right now. It would be shitty if the case failed for lack of representation.

Now the GOA and FPC have cases against Measure 114 happening as well. Those cases are racking up legal fees rapidly too.

Take a moment to consider joining or making a donation to any of the groups that are fighting in court for all of us.

And the full story on the legal issues that OFF is currently having.

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4 thoughts on “The Costs of Fighting for Our Rights”
  1. On that note … I got a notice from Amazon that theyre widing up their Smile program, so there goes donations to the Second Amendment Foundation every time our household orders something.
    It wasn’t that much, even in aggregate … But it did remind me it’s time for our quarterly evaluation of where to donate.

  2. How come lawyers never take these cases simply because it’s the right thing to do? They sould be doing this at cost for the publicity. $250/hr for a paralegal is a joke.

    1. To a LARGE extent, a law/dentist/political license is a license to steal all you can get. The Porn Lawyer is/was a perfect example, he just got carried away with his perceived invincibility. Getting elected is the politicians license. Hopefully, president Buyme and his evil cadre will be locked up with the Porn Lawyer, soon.

  3. ” His rates to the OFF are $500/hour for attorneys’ work and $250/hour for paralegals’”
    That’s a serious discount. Damn, I paid almost $1K an hour for my divorce lawyer.

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