Unfortunately, the law was on the Coward Scott Paterson’s side.

Several courts, including the Supreme Court have affirmed the police have no duty to protect.

The Coward Peterson was not the Parkland children’s legal guardian or in any way legally responsible for them at the time he turned into a gutless chicken-shit and hid from the danger with piss running down his leg.

The jury’s decision was based on the law.

That doesn’t mean what the Coward Peterson did was right.

I hope that he never has a restful night’s sleep ever again until his cowardness overwhelms him and he sucks off a pistol.

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By J. Kb

4 thoughts on “The Coward Scott Peterson found not guilty”
  1. Ok, so it’s lawful per superior courts, to not engage dangerous murderers, killers, when on duty as a law enforcement officer. That means ‘all’ of the USA’s officers can now stand back, walk away, and disobey orders to engage shooters. What would be the state of the nation if this does in fact happen? Gun and ammo sales through the roof. No one would be safe……unless, they arm themselves to the teeth. Then, in march federal law enforcement agencies, who do have the legal standing to engage, taking orders from the administration in power. And if my tin foil hat serves me right, it will be a leftist administration going forward since their opposition can’t stop them anymore.

    1. They have had “no duty to protect “ individuals since the mid 70s washington dc case where 3 women sued dc police..
      Why do you think liberals HATE armed Americans??

    2. “No duty to protect individuals” has been true for a long time. Most people haven’t known that.
      Most people probably still don’t, but many are at least recognizing that the police, very likely, won’t be there when needed; the “let them loot” and “let it burn” policy during the Floyd riots brought that home. More recently people are seeing the criminal justice system switch from “catch and release” (pretty bad in itself) to the police not even bothering with the “catch” part because they know what the Soros DA will (not) do.
      Absolutely, I think that was and is driving gun sales. Of course people will then run straight into the post-Bruen infringement tantrums being passed.

  2. So they can bully, swagger, and fine the good folk to increase the county coffers but have no obligation to protect us and haven’t for some time.

    Something something social contract.

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