Corrections Officer Attacked By Multiple People As He Arrived To Work In Boston

I lived in Terre-Haute, the home to the Terre Haute Federal Penitentiary.  Fun fact, that was were Tim McVeigh was executed.

So I knew a few correctional officers.

They are some of the most hated people in law enforcement.

Alarming video shows the moments a corrections officer was attacked on his drive to work at the Suffolk County House of Corrections. The officer, a four year veteran, is seen slowly making his way down crowded Atkinson Street when a man suddenly punches him through an open window.

The officer gets out and he’s jumped, police say hit repeatedly with a metal pipe and even dragged to a dumpster where the blows continue behind a fence. The head of his union, Local 419, says it’s not the first time an officer has been targeted. “Our local is outraged that the mecca of crime within the city of Boston has been brought to our front door with disregard for anyone’s safety,” said Jonathan Corey.

Watch the video:

With all due respect to this guy, his situational awareness is awful.

First of all, why was he driving with the window down in that neighborhood?

Second, clearly, that punch was bait.

Third, this officer (dumbass) GOT OUT OF HIS CAR.


I’m surprised he’s not dead.

He made three major tactical errors.  Ignoring the window thing, maybe his A/C was broken or whatever, he let someone get close enough to punch him and he took the bait.  I can pretty much guarantee that those people knew he was a corrections officer and wanted some revenge on the system.

Let this guy’s pain teach you something.

If you are in a skeezy area, act accordingly.  There are parts of Miami that I know of – there are parts of every city like this for that matter – where you do not stop for fender benders.  It’s a trap.  They want you to get out to exchange insurance so they can shoot you and take your car.

The only thing to do in a situation like this, assuming you let yourself get into it in the first place, is drive.


Where this story gets even worse is, as far as I have been able to find out, corrections officers in Massachusets are not considered law enforcement for the laws regarding off duty carry.  They are obligated to get concealed carry permits, which in Massachusets are may issue.  I don’t know how those are handled but I can imagine in a place like Boston, politics are such that they are effectively no issue, even for corrections officers.

I found an article from a few years ago in which corrections officers were trying to get the law changed to give them law enforcement recognition for off duty carry because of the threats that they face.  That seems to have failed.

So what we have here is a person in the law enforcement community (I consider corrections officers to be LEO’s) who because of stupid state laws was unarmed and targeted for attack because of his job.

I can tell you, every Terre Haute corrections officer I knew rolled around town like he was in the Green Zone.

This was a bad situation made worse by crappy laws and terrible situational awareness.

Don’t let this be you.

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By J. Kb

5 thoughts on “The dangers of having no situational awareness and Massachusetts had crap laws”
  1. Before the start of that video are some other relevant items. I understand he was yelled at while driving past. He reacted by making a gesture out the window. And he then stopped before the first punch, when there was no one near him.
    Stopping on a street locally known as “Methadone Mile” is clearly not a good idea. I think he needs to read “Jew without a Gun” for remedial training.
    As for carry permits, I can’t see any reason why law enforcement personnel should be given preferential treatment. Yes, MA law sucks on this. So? Fix the law, don’t make carve-outs for “special people”.

    1. On principle, I agree with you 100%. However, there has always been a long standing idea that cops are allowed to carry off duty because they are never really off duty. NYPD are pretty much required to carry all the time.

      There is a federal statue, HB218 that recognizes this. So for corrections officers to not even get the same recognition as other LEO’s, given the threats that they face, is absurd.

  2. My wife is a dispatcher/911 operator for a small rual county. She has been doing it for 26 years now. If there is not a female jailer or deputy working she has to “dress out” female arresties. For many years they didn’t hire women so she has had to do this thousands of times and had the threats made against her. Because its a small county we see these people while out and about quite frequently. She carries pepper spray at all times and I carry concealed always.

  3. ‘They are obligated to get concealed carry permits, which in Massachusets are may issue. I don’t know how those are handled but I can imagine in a place like Boston, politics are such that they are effectively no issue, even for corrections officers.’
    Depends on his hometown. Doubt he lives in Boston proper.

    MA as a state sucks from 2A point of view, but some places are better than others. The father from Boston, the better, but there are exceptions . Old list in red and green that is passed around
    There is more green than red.

  4. Hard to tell from the video – I wonder if he was wearing a “cover jacket” over his uniform. I wince when I see LEO’s/CO’s driving around without wearing a jacket over their uniform. I get it, you want courtesy if you get pulled over, but it’s better to be discreet if you work in that type of job, in my opinion.

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