If you want to know why I left Libertarianism and never looked back, it’s shit like this.

The Left is engaged in an actual, factual Communist plot to foment a race war by teaching children in school that all white people are oppressors and all non-white people are victims of that oppression and a former lead writer for Reason thinks that this is all fake Republican outrage.

Too much pot really destroys one’s brain.

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By J. Kb

8 thoughts on “The death of Libertarianism in a single Tweet”
  1. Call it the Rule of the Political Fringe: fringe political parties are small, obscure, and mostly un-influential & powerless for a good reason.

  2. I’m a big proponent of small-l libertarianism, but I swear the louder voices grew up eating paint chips. Hence why I don’t support the Libertarian Party; they’re stupid.

  3. I think he’s quite effectively illustrating the changing focus of the party from one bad guy to another. Less charitably, he’s showing how the sausage is made and how the party keeps fear stoked to stay relevant. That really doesn’t depend on if it is a valid concern or not.

    Imo the republican party has existed essentially as token opposition to the democrats for as long as I’ve been alive at least and hasn’t done anything very meaningful besides involve us in wars in the middle east when they’ve been in power and controlled the presidency and both chambers of Congress. Everything they do is half assed to include repealing Obama care and accidentally banning bump stocks when they promised is national reciprocity.

    Hang em all on both sides of the aisle with a few exceptions.

  4. What does Reason have to do with it? Surely you’re aware that Reason hasn’t been a libertarian publication in decades?

    1. Libertarians haven’t been libertarians in about a decade. Balko used to be better than that decades ago. Or maybe I was more tolerant. But the big Ls can’t help but realize that as the leftists have woken the party the folks that actually valued freedom have left. And they sure didn’t leave to go to the democrats.

      1. Yes, that became rather obvious when L. Neil Smith started writing pieces supportive of Republicans.

  5. I don’t even understand the picture. Does he mean that Republicans are dating Sharia Law? The tweet in incoherent on multiple levels.

    1. It’s a snotty little whataboutism attempt that falls flat due to gross inaccuracy and lame stereotyping.

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