I’ve seen this meme posted on a few differ Twitter accounts.

I understand that in this day and age that a wife can make more money than her husband.

What o do find objectionable, grotesque is probably more accurate, is a grown man asking his wife to buy him a lego set like he’s a 12 year old boy.

The horrifying thing is how many people I’ve seen, both women and man-children, say how great this is.  How many husbands want this and how man wives would use this to get their husbands to do more chores or domestic tasks.

This is not a husband and wife relationship. This is a child in a weird oedipal relationship with a surrogate mommy.

What happened to manliness in this country?

Why is this any way socially acceptable?

It’s a sad state that this gets more praise than condemnation.

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By J. Kb

7 thoughts on “The death of manliness in America”
  1. People in normal marriages are normal, and therefore aren’t motivated to spend their time making memes about their normality.

  2. On the subject of masculinity, I’ll shamelessly plug a couple of books I’ve read that are great – “The Way of Men” by Jack Donovan, and “Sovereignty” by Ryan Michler. I highly recommend both. They are badly needed in our society.

  3. There is no shame in your wife earning more, unless she holds that over you like a cuk. My wife has been at her job since 1986 and makes bank. She gets raises and 7 weeks vacation which I don’t, but she is good at her job and I don’t begrudge her that at all. She also doesn’t hold that over me. There is a certain dollar amount each of us won’t spend without talking to the other one, but that is pretty high and we don’t get there unless we are talking cars or something. I want a gun, I get a gun.

  4. To answer the question;

    because weak, ineffectual ‘men’ think they are either making a ploy to ‘get back’ at feminism, or they are simply lazy and content therein. In either case, they are not the model nor standard by which boys and young men should measure themselves or aspire thereof.

    This weakness has become somewhat avant garde among the current generations who realized the trophies to which they aspired were hollow, devoid of the pretense which proclaimed a new world before them. Their foolishness was first in believing such could ever supplant true masculism.

    Being a man, truly and honestly, does not ever capitulate; it may soften but shall always be the head in any endeavor. The response in realizing such folly is likely to be to seek blame, then to find the blame is elsewhere, not in themselves. Hence, the ‘ok boomer’ BS. This is the stuff of the juvenile. The work ethic which built a country is now considered too patriarchal. Slovenliness is now a virtue. This due to these muppets never having been exposed to the consequences of inattention or inactivity.

    Oh boo hoo, your fweewings hurty. These ‘men’ are of no consideration of others like me save our condemnation. It is a monumental waste of time and effort to seek to lift up these effeminate for they bristle at the attempt and would become hostile to them who seek to do so.

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