By J. Kb

5 thoughts on “The definition of “fuck you money.””
    1. Probably not; and I wish more people and companies realized that probably 90+% of the flak they get, comes from less than 10% of the total consumer base … most of whom wouldn’t use their products anyway.
      For instance, the people who clamored for McDonalds to switch to a vegetable-based french fry oil.

  1. Talking about this w/ the wife the other day. While she has the financial ability to ignore the vocal twitter mobs, she really brought the vitriol on herself. She spent a number of years ret-con’ning the HP books w/ identity politics ‘check boxes’. Hermione was black. Dumbledore was gay. Etc. Then… when she didn’t support the continued nonsense of the SJW’s, they turned on her.

    1. Yeah … but at least she has found a line she wasn’t willing to cross. You have to give her that, at least.

  2. In some ways this rather reminds me of a certain Interdimensional Lord of Hate’s typical response to people like that.

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