This is the Biden Administration’s playbook:

  1. Utter, bumbling, hamfisted, dog-humping, bed-shitting, fucking incompetence leading to total disaster.
  2. Lie and deflect and tell you why everything you think is bad isn’t and it’s all really your fault.

  3. Repeat.

I told you Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg took two months off for paternity leave.

I think the reality is, like his boss Joe Biden, he knows he’s incompetent and is in hiding.

Now comes the deflection.

I’m a millennial.  I’m all for paternity leave.  When my wife gave birth and she was at home, it would have been very helpful to have that first two weeks off too, to help her with the baby while she was still recovering from labor.

Two weeks.

But unless that baby fell out of his dilated asshole he only needs two weeks off not two months.

Especially as a fucking cabinet secretary during a crisis.

But nope, this Administration is going to tell you that a cabinet official disappearing during a crisis for two months is good.

Just like 6% inflation and a 50% increase in your heating bill in winter is a good thing.

And if you still think Secretary Pete needs to do hid fucking job during a crisis, new baby or not, you’re a homophobe and a bad person.

This will not get fixed.

They will bumblefuck it more.

And when we have a heating and energy crisis in the dead of winter and we all discover that the Secretary of Energy knows precisely dick fuck-all nothing about energy because she’s a jagoff lawyer from Harvard, we’re going to be told that anyone who complains is a misogynist.

Mark my words.

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By J. Kb

18 thoughts on “The deflection about Pete has begun”
  1. It’s not the fact that he’s gay, or a dad, or the combination thereof.

    It’s that a senior administration official is taking leave for what is an entirely foreseeable event, in the middle of a crisis centered on that official’s area of responsibility.

    At that level of responsibility and authority, you should expect to have more call placed on your time, planned and not, than in most other jobs.

    Heck, even in my new position, the job offer clearly stated “willing to work nights and weekends to meet emergent needs” or something to that effect.

    1. A-yup.

      My job description says I must be willing to be “on-call” and come in on nights or weekends for emergencies, and must be willing and able to travel to remote “on-site” locations within my state.

      They’ve never needed me to do those things, but it’s part of the job description, so if they did require after-hours or on-site work, I’d have to do it or face consequences. And my job is far less critical or essential than what you’d expect of a cabinet-level official.

      Which just makes me wonder (and I’m sure I’m not alone in this): Just how critical or essential is Mayor Pete or his job post, if he can’t be called in during a bona fide crisis?

      Actually, forget “called in”: How critical or essential is he if he can’t be f***ing called — as in, on the damn phone — during a bona fide crisis?

      I mean, surely his husband can snuggle the baby for an hour while the god-damn Secretary of Transportation holds an emergency conference call or Zoom meeting, right?

      Which begs the further questions: Is he even aware there’s a problem? Or is he taking a page from the Obama/Biden playbook and getting all his information from CNN (which is pointedly NOT treating it as a crisis, where they cover it at all)?

    2. I’m on vacation. When I started it was my turn to be on-call; a problem cropped up while I was packing and set me back four hours. I was ready to duck into McDonald’s on the highway if I got a call on the road.

      My job isn’t a cabinet-level appointment.

  2. I took at least two weeks off for the birth of each of my kids. I was entitled to paternity leave, but legally that just guarantees I still have my job when I get back.

    In order to keep financially afloat, I saved up my vacation/sick time. Because like any other FMLA-covered leave, “paternity leave” is protected but not paid, so using paid-time-off for the duration — and foregoing vacations for the year — is the f***ing responsible thing to do.

    I somehow doubt Mayor Pete has ever had to burn his PTO to cover his financial obligations during any “family” event. He’s on “paternity leave”, but he’s never had to deal with the realities of protected (unpaid) leave the same way the rest of us have.

  3. Yall are forgetting that this is the “do nothing” party- look at F’in bidens son, shillery klinton, the do nothing party does nothing for America. We the People should know that by now and plan accordingly. The “silent majority “ doesnt give a rats ass about these people. We are too busy living our life

  4. I’m wondering… is there a single cabinet member in Biden’s administration that is even slightly competent or qualified? I can’t think of any.
    Janet Yellen may have run the Fed, but from the things she’s been saying lately it’s clear her clue of economics is about on a par with the clue possessed by Alex Occasional-Cortex, if that. And Austin may have been a general, but that doesn’t mean he’s displaying any particular military competence. As for most of the others, they are just random politicians appointed to put a warm body into an unconstitutional department. Granholm, Buttigieg, Walsh, Raimondo, to mention the most obvious examples.

    1. Call it the Biden Principle. When the head guy is an utter incompetent screwup, be sure to pick underlings that are even bigger incompetent screwsups so the chief doesn’t get overshadowed.

  5. Secretary Pete was given the appointment because he was gay and married to another man. No problem with that. However, that was the sole reason he was nominated. China Joe’s handlers thought SecTrans was a safe sinecure with no real responsibility or need for actual competence. Then, between vax mandates, paying people not to work, forced lockdowns and raising the price of fuel, China Joe kills the supply chain, (ironically, especially from China). Suddenly, SecPete is front and center to “solve” the manufactured crisis, and now faced with real problems the former Mayor of Indianapolis is totally out of his depth.

    Let’s go Brandon.

    1. South Bend, not Indianapolis. SB is quite a lot smaller. And Mayor Pete is notorious in his home town for screwing up even that small job.

  6. My first daughter was born 6 weeks early. Very low birth weight. She was in the NICU for 3 weeks I think?

    I was there for her birth. I took that day off. My wife was in the hospital for 4 days after the emergence C-section.

    I was at work at 0800 every morning and left at 1700, made dinner for me and then me and the wife, drove the 20 miles to the hospital and was with my daughter for the next 4 hours till it was time for me to leave and come home.

    I was getting 5 hours of sleep a night and putting in 50miles per day.

    I did it without complaint. Nobody suggested that I just take a couple of weeks off to care for my new born.

    Today, most people have some sort of family leave. But they don’t take two months off and they are normally on call when needed. They don’t just go missing.

  7. I am a gay dad. I got twenty-four hours of paternity leave when kid number two was born. I was back at work less than seven hours after kid number one was born because the BLOCKBUSTER VIDEO that I was the assistant manager of was short-staffed and it was a busy weekend.

    Buttigieg’s a fucking cabinet official. During a major crisis directly related to his area of “expertise.” Show up for work or step down.

  8. Just something to think about:

    How many US servicemen stationed overseas would give a body part to be able to spend two days with their wife and new baby?

  9. The race riots of 2020 were a sight to behold. The future bread and fuel riots will be unforgettable.

  10. You are confused. The proper argument is not against leave, it is against governmental involvement.

    Should I or you or any other be obligated to provide what I or others find objectionable? No, absolutely not. Yet here we are and likely helped along by those who think all objection must be centered on whether leave is acceptable.

    To reiterate, it is the involvement of government which is most objectionable. Too, government will not be contained, it will continue to expand. It will expand until the birth, or birthday, or death, of a puppy is cause for leave. Then there is the litter of puppies. Oh, maybe an entire year at a time, too. Let’s make it a lifetime of leave. Oh sure, mere hyperbole. Except we all know of the ‘largess’ of government.

  11. Stupid Twitter blue check doesn’t want to admit it’s the same criticism he leveled at George Bush the younger for playing golf while a war was going on.

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