Soft men make hard times.

If you want to know what sort of hard times are coming, you need to understand the softness of this Administration.

Allow me to introduce Dylan Mulvaney.

Dylan is all the rage right now.

He is a TikTok star and content creator (that this is a career that makes people rich is a prime example of the softness that we’re in).

He has decided he want to become a girl.

He has documented his transition on TikTok as “days of girlhood.”  This video is a compilation of his first 15 days.


The way he has done that is so shallow that if you told me that this was a parody in which a boy pretended to be a vapid high school girl, I would find it more believable.

But society is not allowed to call this what it is: an egregiously offensive LARPing of superficial girl behavior.

So instead, this gets celebrated and rewarded.

Ulta Beauty promoted his to talk about girlhood, something he has never experienced.


But if corporate America promoting this wasn’t grotesque enough, the White House took this bullshit seriously.

Biden welcomes trans TikToker to Oval Office after she sparked controversy for saying she WILL be a mom one day

A viral TikTok star and transgender activist visited President Joe Biden in the Oval Office to discuss her transition and transgender issues in the US.

Dylan Mulvaney, who documents on the app her ‘firsts’ as a woman in a series she calls ‘days of girlhood,’ revealed that she and members of NowThis News were visiting the White House for an interview that will be made public on Sunday.

This is the TikTok video in which Dylan announced his big news.


Day 222- talking to the president at the White House with @nowthis (interview goes live on Sunday Night!) #trans #whitehouse #nowthisnews

♬ Presidential Honors (Entrance of The President) – USMMA Band


He’s been LARPing as a girl for less than eight months and is now talking to the President of the United States about transgender issues.

We are in the worst inflation cycle in half a century.

We have record high food prices.

Were closer to nuclear war than any time since the Cuban Missile Crisis.

The Strategic Petroleum Reserve is at record lows.

The housing market if about to take a dive that will make tye 2008 Crisis look like a hiccup.

And yet the priority of the White House is to put a TikTok star in front of the President and play-act like a stupid teenage girl.

At least Nero could play the fiddle.

Our nation will not survive the hard times that will be created by people so soft.



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By J. Kb

6 thoughts on “The degeneracy of the White House”
  1. I think the phrase is “Bread and Circuses”
    Student loan forgiveness, and LGBTQWERTY+ side shows.
    Infrastructure spending and the Jan 6th committee on prime time TV.
    Toss out some freebies, and put on a distraction.

  2. Catering to the 1/10000 of the population.. not suprised.. Mr Mark Kaye had an episode about a “trans” “girl” at university of Alabama who tried to get in every sorority on campus and was refused by all…. Any body who takes biden seriously is a certified lunatic… this is obammy 2.0….
    Mr J, I think you will be pleasantly surprised to see what We the People can survive out here in Realsville..

  3. I seriously doubt the survival of America as a nation. If the states don’t soon revolt and take back control, this country is dead. Some semblance of America may live through this, if some States like Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, etc. form a free state region and kick the feds and the demoncrats/communists/fascists out.

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