Antisemitic Attacks in New York Are at Highest Level in Decades
Last year there were 51 assaults across the state, a new high since the Anti-Defamation League began compiling such data in 1979.

Orthodox Jews assaulted on busy streets in Midtown Manhattan and in quiet neighborhoods in Brooklyn. Swastikas drawn on a Long Island home and spray painted onto Wall Street’s Charging Bull statue. A bomb threat against a Jewish community center in Albany, and fliers in Dutchess County that warned residents, “Jews want to take your guns.”

The number of antisemitic incidents in New York increased by 24 percent last year to the highest level in decades, including a surge in the number of assaults, as well as both criminal and noncriminal incidents targeting Jews, according to an annual report released on Tuesday by the Anti-Defamation League.

The group said it counted 416 antisemitic incidents across the state, including 51 assaults, the most physical attacks it has recorded since it began compiling such data in 1979. The report was based on information collected from local law enforcement agencies and Jewish community leaders and individuals.

The surge was part of a nationwide trend that saw 2,717 antisemitic incidents across the United States, including 88 assaults, an increase of 167 percent from the year before.

The report focused on several high-profile incidents that took place during or shortly after Israel’s conflict with Hamas militants in Gaza last May, which killed at least 230 Palestinians and 12 Israelis.

Well over half the 51 assaults recorded in New York took place in Brooklyn, where 34 antisemitic attacks were recorded last year, most of them against people wearing traditional religious garb that identified them as Orthodox Jews, such as skullcaps, black suits or long beards and sidelocks.

So the majority of antisemitic attacks occurred in  Democrat majority city, in a Democrat majority state, with a Democrat majority government and Democrat governor, under a Democrat president.

But Trump was orange Hitler and was going to wipe out the Jews!!! 

Jews, especially conservative and orthodox Jews need to get out of the Blue places, buy and learn to use the tools for self defense.


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By J. Kb

11 thoughts on “The Democrats called Trump an antisemite but they own this”
  1. IDK. Not an expert, but I’ve heard that many of those same Jews are very liberal and vote for the very policies that harm them. Not sure I would want people that vote hard progressive to move to red states. Either fix your own state, or prove you’re conservative before coming here and screwing things up worse. Not just Jews, but all snowbirds, californians, etc. Even the so-called conservatives from those blue areas are not all that conservative compared to the average Texan or Floridian.

    Not being anti-Jew, just anti-liberal.

    1. If you were at all familiar with my writing you would know that I am fully and aggressively behind breaking the Leftist hold on Jews, pointing out every example of how the Left are antisemites who use Leftist Jews as cover while stabbing practicing Jews in the back.

      1. Yes, I’ve read your posts on that before. Which, by their very nature, suggest that many Jews are very leftist and progressive. Which defeats your point, just a little. And again, “conservatives” from those blue area are not the same as conservatives from red areas, in many cases they are just a little less progressive than the others. So I think my comment stands.

        And again, not being anti-Jew. If they really are true conservatives that vote conservative, that’s one thing. I’ve got no problem with Jews, Orthodox or otherwise, moving to my area. But to say that all Orthodox Jews are conservative (pkoning below) – the fact that those blue areas are overwhelmingly blue suggests otherwise.

    2. Don, you missed the adjective “Orthodox”. That means a Jew who takes his religion seriously and does not place it far behind the cult of leftism. Orthodox Jews tend to vote conservative politics and favor gun ownership.
      For more good background, read the writing of Robert Avrech (orthodox Jew, conservative politically, gun owner, but in spite of all that somehow managing to make a living as a script writer in Hollywood). is really good.

      1. I belong to a strong Southern Baptist Church. People that really believe the Bible is the true word of God and do their best to follow it. Guess what – those same people cover the entire range of politics while having the same religious beliefs. Conservative, liberal, all over the board. I’m very conservative and can’t believe that true Christians would vote for any Democrat (simply for the abortion part of their platform) but those who do believe the exact same thing (in reverse) about me. So I’m a little hesitant to simply take the Orthodox label and believe they are conservatives. I admit to the fact I could be wrong, but I’ve got 5+ decades of life experience to draw from. Still could be wrong, but maybe not.

        1. Instead of assuming, how about doing some research?
          Keep in mind that Orthodox Jews are a minority of the total, so “most Jews are liberal” and “most Orthodox Jews are conservative” are not contradictory.

          1. Sorry, I’m not invested enough to do “research” on a small minority group that I’m not a part of nor do I have any regular contact. If it’s important to you to insist this group is largely conservative, that’s fine. My main concern was to be anti-progressive and hope those who are liberal stay there. Didn’t mean to get you upset.

  2. Is this any different from the days of Al Sharpton and Crown Heights?
    Jewish people are just as threatened and just as discriminated against by the same demographics as before.

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