If you are unaware, China is developing a system in which all people will have a “social credit score” that is based upon compliance with laws and social codes of conduct.  The more loyal and obedient you are, the more social credit you have.  The less obedient you are, the lower your score.  A low score can get you banned from public transportation, housing in nicer buildings, even cost you a job, or determine which schools your children attend.

Here is a video from CBS about how the system will work.

This is a video shot from inside a Chinese train reminding passengers about the program.

So I go online today and see this:

OutVote, the company that developed the app, is partnered with the Democrats, Move On, and Swing Left.

So here we have a social media app that will tell you if your friends voted.

It’s partnered with only Left leaning groups and the DNC.

So how long until the app puts smiley faces next to friends who vote Democrat and frowney faces next to those who vote Republican?

Welcome to voting based Chinese social credit system designed to shame anyone who doesn’t vote blue.

Just wait until this comes standard on any Apple or Google device as one of those OEM apps you can’t delete.


Boy that didn’t take long.

This is a US Senator from Hawaii

Here is a sitting politician using social media to shame non voters, more specifically people who are inclined to vote Democrat but don’t.

That was replied to with this lovely tweet:


That one is the end goal.  Have a social media app the broadcasts that you voted – and potentially who you voted for – so everyone knows if you didn’t vote Democrat they can shame you, scream in your face, and beat you up (or worse).

It really didn’t take them that long to reveal themselves, didn’t it?


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By J. Kb

5 thoughts on “The Democrats embrace China’s Orwellian social credit system – Update”
  1. Avoid the hassle and vote on your smart phone, the app will make sure you vote “perfectly.”

  2. https://www.imdb.com/title/tt5497778/ Is a _Black Mirror_ episode called _Nosedive_ about a society where access to anything is controlled by your social standing. A woman needs to get her “like” ratio higher and in desperation ends up with her social standing nose diving.

    A dark tale

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