I live in Huntsville, Alabama.

Rocket City, USA.

Half of the Missile Defense Agency is here on Redstone Arsenal.

Every major defense contractor in missiles and aerospace is here in the Huntsville area.

This is MAGA country.

Go ahead and take clearances from Trump supporters.

At least half the cleared  engineers here will lose their jobs overnight, maybe more.

The military industrial complex will die in a week.

They might as well pass a bill surrendering us to China.

Good job guys.

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By J. Kb

12 thoughts on “The Democrats propose a bill to kill the military industrial complex”
  1. It’s probably not hyperbole to say this bill is actually meant to do what you’re suggesting in the title. The Democrats weaponized Covid in part to kill small businesses, now that Covid is wrapping up, they are proposing a tax hike to help keep that destruction going. This will give even more power to mega corporations like Amazon that sell Chinese made garbage. Biden himself is a senile CCP sock puppet, expect Taiwan to fall to China within the year. And since Biden is controlled by China, we’ll not only do nothing to help Taiwan, but we won’t go to war with China, either. The military is apparently run by socialists who hate conservatives, so the move to strip clearances from those conservatives fits right in with everything else that is happening for the benefit of the CCP.

    As my friend said, “We are on the Titanic, you can’t stop what’s coming, all you can do is try to find a life boat.”

  2. This is one way to “un-person” people and ideologies they despise.

    What they don’t realize is that they’d be disenfranchising some of the most knowledgeable and creative folks in weapons industries. What will those people put their skills to if they have nothing to lose?

    1. As the Cold War ground to a close, the US spent a lot of time, money and effort trying to hire former Soviet scientists to either come to the US, or to “safe” places like Japan, to work.

      The whole point of the exercise was to avoid a lot of very bright people, who felt disenfranchised and betrayed by their country, selling their services to the highest bidder just to get enough money to feed their families.

  3. Again, I think destroying the MIC and putting thousands of conservatives out of work is a feature to the dems, not a bug.

    They’re remaking the country as fast as they can print out documents and have the AutoPen sign executive orders.

  4. More likely MAGA events would start to look like Hong Kong events. Can’t restrict my clearance if you can’t catch me. Even if I’m honest on my investigation, it’s not due for several years.

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