Earlier today, I posted a reminder that underneath every Libertarian is a Jew-hater.

Reader and commenter Travis Roberts wanted details. I was going go get into this law eventually, so might as well do it now.

The reason I was going to get into it was precisely because of the disingenuous nature of the argument against it made by antisemitic Right Wingers and Libertarians.

The Catch-22 of antisemitism is that anything done to tackle antisemitism is instantly used as evidence that Jews really are evil, anti-White, anti-Western conspirators by antisemites.

Let’s get into the law, itself.

This is from the Florida Government official website:

HB 269 builds upon Governor DeSantis’ record of safeguarding the free exercise of religion in Florida by:

  • Prohibiting a person from intentionally dumping litter onto private property for the purpose of intimidating or threatening the owner, resident, or invitee of such property;
  • Prohibiting a person from willfully and maliciously harassing, threatening, or intimidating another person based on the person’s wearing or displaying of any indicia relating to any religious or ethnic heritage;
  • Creating a new prohibition against displaying or projecting, using any medium, an image onto a building, structure, or other property without the written consent of the owner of the building, structure, or property;
  • Creating a new trespass offense if a person who is not authorized, licensed, or invited willfully enters the campus of a state college or university for the purpose of threatening or intimidating another person, and is warned by the institution to depart and refuses to do so; and
  • Prohibiting a person from willfully and maliciously interrupting or disturbing any assembly of people met for the purpose of acknowledging the death of an individual.

Nothing in this bill specifically mentions Jews or antisemitism.  But you do need to understand the context of the first three bullet points.

The Goyim Defense League is a white supremacist, antisemitic hate group that has been active in Florida, and elsewhere, for the last few years.

Ironically, the Left attacked DeSantis for being antisemitic by falsely accusing him of being aligned with the Goyim Defense League for not having them immediately arrested.

Then he signs a bill into law that has major points that target them and the antisemites say that means the Jews secretly control him.

What the Goyim Defense League would do is leave antisemitic flyers on private property.  They would go into neighborhoods, particularly in Jewish communities, and leave the flyers on people’s doors and yards.  They would go into the parking lots of Synagogues and Jewish community centers and leave the flyers on car windshields.  They would also use laser projectors to display antisemitic messages on buildings, in one case, on the side of a stadium.

Then they would do shit like this:


This is the driveway of a Chabad in Orlando.  They were literally at the gates of a Chabad and harassing people in their cars with a megaphone.

Libertarians, who are usually supporters of private property rights, are really mad that antisemites can’t violate the private property of other people to intimidate them.

In Florida, you can’t go onto someone’s property to leave bigoted and intimidating flyers or project intimidating messages onto private property without the consent of the owner.

“It’s a violation of my free speech rights to harass Jews while violating their private property rights.” – Libertarians

The other bullet points of the bill are a direct response to what we’ve seen on college campuses in other states, where conservative speakers have been shouted down and their events canceled with the heckler’s veto.  That is now a misdemeanor offence.

This law would also protect churches and Christian organizations that have been disrupted by pro-abortion groups, which is something on the rise.

This law protects people on private property and Florida public college campuses from being intimidated or harassed for their religious beliefs, regardless of their religion.

Another thing about this bill, it was passed unanimously by the Florida Legislature.

DeSantis did sign the bill into law in Israel, but that wasn’t the purpose of his trip.  He traveled to a number of foreign countries on trade relations and stopped in Israel for the 75th anniversary of Israel independence.

But the Libertarians would have you believe je few to Israel to sign a law that bans criticizing Jews

So, no, the Jews did not buy off Ron DeSantis to make criticism of the Jews a crime.

But the Libertarians won’t tell you that.

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By J. Kb

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