Because Satan is real and has influence there was a drag show for children in Texas.

(I feel dirty even typing that)


At least one of these individuals is a teacher (in training).


We know what evil is going on because this event was recorded and protested by good people on the right who cannot stand to see children groomed this way.

And grooming it is.

This I found both horrific and absolutely plausible:


Why would a mother do that to her child?

Because the value of being seen as an ally with an LGBT child is worth the cost of the damage done to the child.

What is utterly mind boggling to me is just how many drag events aimed at children are happening across the country.

Libs of TikTok has done an excellent job cataloging a few of them:


Overt gender confusing sexuality blasted at children is evil.

This is the state of what’s going on in the culture wars.

If you took a child to a titty-bar you would go to jail  but this is encouraged by taxpayer funded institutions like schools and libraries.

This needs to be criminalized and people should go to prison for this.

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By J. Kb

7 thoughts on “The Devil is real and he wears a dress around children”
  1. What the…?
    Never having gotten religion, I haven’t believed in devils and such, so when the horrors started coming to light I fell back on Sci-Fi references: speculating that the form of flesh known as Jeffrey Epstein had been energized by none other than Gharlane of Eddore (seriously, go back and re-read the Lensman series; the corruption of society and its institutions looks remarkably like what Doc Smith described, only with details that would have been unpublishable in his day).
    I’ve known for some time (don’t ask me how) that there are evil people scattered throughout society, and that various government agencies (and government-chartered quasi-private organizations) exist to enable and promote them.
    What we’re seeing now, though… a few years back, I started sketching what was supposed to be a short novel (the outline kept wanting to be a 600-page Victorian-style novel, with great sweeping back-story arcs requiring extensive research, and I kept having other things to do with my time). The villain was implausibly evil, and the corruption of various institutions seemed over the top. From what we’re seeing now? The villain, as outlined, was practically a fine upstanding citizen, and the institutions merely had a slight case of incompetence and perverse incentives. There’s just no way the actual reality of the world would have made it past my common-sense filter.

    1. The cliche’ here is that fiction has to make more sense and be more believable than real life. When you’re writing a story or novel you have to make sure you don’t bend reality too far or you figure people will reject the book. No such thing applies when you’re describing real life.
      A few years ago, I wouldn’t believe that what shows up in news stories every week could ever happen. Stories like these. Now they happen regularly.

  2. You have ruined me. Now whenever I hear about stuff like this I think of one phrase: “Morbark. Morbark.”

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