The Disable and Firearms Training

I am dropping this intro and the link. It is an excellent interview that will benefit those who can’t do the Ninja Classes.

Training Despite Challenges

After we publish an interview or column advising members to participate in on-going documented training as preparation to weather the legal aftermath of self defense, members often express genuine concern because they do not believe they can complete firearms courses due to age, physical infirmity or disability and the severe budgetary constraints that too often attends the limited income available to a disabled citizen.
In light of the many years Massad Ayoob has taught firearms and self defense, I turned to him with the concerns expressed by these members and we recorded this short interview to share Massad’s suggestions and recommendations in his own words.

And if you are still not a member, click here and check out ACLDN. 

2 Replies to “The Disable and Firearms Training”

  1. Oleg Volk has created many excellent photos showing armed people with various disabilities. I suspect he can offer some additional insight on how to do the training and any special considerations, or groups that help.

  2. I can no longer Ninj. I did, however, learn to shoot ‘offhand’ with pistol, with either hand unsupported. But I feel reasonably okay with the stout stick in the strong hand…

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