A 20-year-old University of South Carolina student was fatally shot Saturday when he accidentally tried to enter the wrong house on the street where he lived and was mistaken for a burglar, according to police.

The student was identified as Nicholas Anthony Donofrio, according to the Richland County, South Carolina, Coroner’s Office. Donofrio was from Connecticut and had just started his sophomore year last week at the university, school officials said.


College student fatally shot in South Carolina after trying to enter wrong house: Police – ABC News (go.com)


I am going to speculate intoxicants were part of the issue that led to the death of the young man, as we all have done stupid stuff at that age under involving alcohol or other stuff.

Now, they are trying to reprise this as part two of the shooting of Ralph Yarl some months ago, but it does not pass the same smell test. For once, the Yarl shooting has been tried to be passed as a hate crime by the media but seems not to get a whole lot of traction. Then there appears to be one big difference between both cases: Yarl never attempted to break in and the homeowner shot anyway, while in Donofrio case, albeit not mentioned by the talking heads and not played in some outlets, you hear in the recording of the police dispatch that the perimeter have been broken.

This changes the perspective of the shooting tremendously. We are no longer entertaining the idea of a trigger-happy racist guy, but that the sanctity of the house was violated and what seemed appropriate action was taken. It is still a sad ending, but the Media needs something to blame and if not the homeowner, then it is the law:

South Carolina’s “stand your ground” law allows people to use deadly force in self-defense if they are not breaking the law and in places where they have a right to be, according to the Giffords Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence, a nonprofit advocacy organization. The state does not require gun owners to be licensed to own or purchase guns, it says.

University of South Carolina student fatally shot after trying to enter the wrong home (nbcnews.com)

And in the video of the NBC article (00:55), the “reporter” tells us that: “South Carolina does have a Stand Your Ground Law, also known as the Castle Doctrine, which allows someone in their home or place of business to not retreat and use deadly force in self-defense.

I believe here is no excuse other than to purposely misinform people to confuse both very well discussed legal terms. Wouldn’t it be a beautiful thing for a bad government to eliminate both Castle Doctrine and Stand Your Ground? Hell, they used Gigabytes of memory and tons of ink trying to badmouth SYG and if they can get Castle Doctrine in the mix and get rid of them troublesome rights, they will do so.

If it is confirmed that Donofrio broke in a two in the morning, then we just have a sad case in which nobody is intentionally guilty of crimes, but just a sad misunderstanding that resulted in a tragic death.

Nobody won here.

PS: The photo allegedly shows the door of the home where event happened. No bullet holes in it. I checked other videos and none of them show damage consistent with shots fired through the door.

PS2: CNN fully makes it about Stand Your Ground.

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