The DNC and international communism

Congressman and Minnesota AG candidate Keith Ellison gave an interview on a podcast.

All of that is the principle of international communism.  That’s not hyperbole in any way.

He believes that:

  1. Wealthy nations become wealthy by exploiting poor nations
  2. Poor nations become poor by being exploited by wealthy nations
  3. Letting the poor people from poor nations move en masse to wealthy nations is a form of re-distributive economic justice.

None of this takes into account reality.

The Congo or Afghanistan, for example, are hugely wealthy in natural resources.  A violent tribal culture, lack of civil rights and political freedom, and corrupt government has caused these countries to squander their mineral wealth and resources and remain poor.

Israel is a wealthy nation despite have almost no oil reserves compared to its Arab neighbors because it has Western values that created a culture of education, research, and intellectual development.  Israel is a high tech country while the Palestinians learn nothing but Jew hatred and the Koran in school and can’t even subsistence farm.

Culture, political and economic liberty, private property rights, that is what determines a country’s success.  The right set of values will make a booming economy out of a barren desert.  The wrong set of values will make destitution out of a gold mine.

But in Ellison’s view, it’s nothing but exploitation.  If he can’t ship the wealth out of the US to poor nations, he will ship the poor people out of the poor nations to live off the wealth of the US.

The ultimate goal of international communism was to create a single global system of economic redistribution with no rich and no poor anywhere.

Ellison made it very clear that his support for a no borders society is specifically for the poor of the world to come to the US and devour our wealth because he thinks it’s unfair that we have it.

Keith Ellison is a major voice among the Democrats and was in the running to be DNC chair.

A substantial segment of that party directly or indirectly is advocating for international communism, and that is not an overstatement.

It came right from a sitting Congressman’s mouth.


5 Replies to “The DNC and international communism”

  1. He was in the running for DNC chair; he ended up DNC vice chair.

    Worth noting is that you’re describing the propaganda of international communism about its pretended goals. The actuality is entirely different: an obscenely wealthy self-selected aristocracy that has all the power, with the vast majority of the people reduced to slavery and poverty.

    1. Yep. The question about any communist is if they’re dumb enough to believe it, or evil enough to exploit it. Dumb or evil… there is no middle ground.

  2. Yeah that paragon of socialism, East Germany, believed in open borders so much that they built a wall and a death strip on their border with West Germany.

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