This is grand.

Probably he is not a real doctor of medicine, but just some dude that managed to avoid working in HR by the tiniest of margins.

Let’s go over his tweet, shall we?

I remember my parents telling me about the huge lines on which people waited— eagerly— when the polio vaccine was released in 1955.

He is probably talking about the Salk vaccine but fails to inform (or probably does not know) that Salk’s was the last of a long line of tryouts that began in the mid 1930s. We are talking about decades or research and not a sudden 3-month creation which we still are not sure if it truly worked or not (And I did take the vaccine, so there.)

Do you know why we didn’t have anti-vaxxers back then?


We did have, especially since there were thousands and thousands of cases of people getting polio after getting the vaccine. It took more years of streamlining and getting the process right to make the vaccine as safe as possible, and even then iy was not 100% effective as an old friend of mine discovered and had to live with for the rest of his life.

Because there were no MAGAts, and Americans weren’t fu*king imbeciles in those days!!

And that is all you need to read to understand where this guy comes from. And I do love the photo he used because as bad as the polio epidemic was, you can see people were not masked and wearing face shields nor they were keeping a 6-foot distance nor the country was shut down for months under “two weeks to find the cure” bullshit.

Such a humongous load of Snake Oil it was that even those who trusted vaccination like me, no longer do.

I also predict we will see a huge raise in mortality in Third World countries precisely because even people there will no longer trust the vaccines that have years of safe and effective use. How do we know none of that COVID shit is not mixed with the old stuff?

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By Miguel.GFZ

Semi-retired like Vito Corleone before the heart attack. Consiglieri to J.Kb and AWA. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.

8 thoughts on “The doctor is full of ….”
  1. Searched him. He’s a clinical psychologist in FL, probably an adjunct professor somewhere ( adjunct= temp). You can see his Twitter posts, too. Basically a prog asshole whose rants have no connection to the real world.

  2. Another “Doctor” Jill…

    And the Salk Vaccine is just that… A VACCINE.

    Not an mRNA modifying piece of ‘cellular micro code’ that REWRITES crucial cell coding strings.

  3. yawn… another kind tolerate liberal asshole spewing hate. seeing drivel like this reinforces my distancing from ANYONE with a d after thier name. you can twist anything to fit your narrow minded narrative, ask a commie… liberals will never finger out the more they trash Trump and America the more people move away from them.

  4. Re BS on treatments … See also the response to the Reefer Madness campaign in 1930s.
    By the way, for those that don’t know: a psychiatrist is a real MD: they go through med school, serve as interns, and are usually licensed to prescribe drugs. Psychologists are … not.

  5. didja notice the covidinsane were constantly comparing covid vax to the polio vaccines? guilt politics backed by zero facts.

    1. They have been for a while, even though the two are not at all comparable.
      Polio is a terrible disease, and the vaccine has a lot of benefit with few serious side effects.
      COVID is usually a mild disease (outside specific population sub-groups, such as the elderly and folks with compromised immune systems and/or pre-existing respiratory problems), but the “vaccine” has significant potential health risks and side effects without much clear benefit.
      The polio vaccine was DECADES in the making and testing before it was approved for wide-spread use, and continued to be developed, tested, and refined. It’s semi-mandated — mandatory for kids but not adults — but it didn’t have to be; people wanted it because the risks of getting real polio were much, much worse. OTOH, the (experimental) COVID mRNA “vaccine” was rushed into “temporary” “emergency” approval and production without sufficient testing, and had to be mandated because people DIDN’T want to be guinea pigs in a nation-wide medical experiment with unknown risks and outcomes.
      And that’s BEFORE we get to the social ostracization attached to being a COVID “vaccine” skeptic. If you didn’t want the polio vaccine, that was your choice — people would question it, but recognize it’s not their place to force you into it. But according to a LOT of people on social media, if you don’t want the COVID “vaccine”, you are an “unperson” who deserves to be forcibly relocated to an “anti-vaxxer” concentration camp, have your kids taken away, or just to be dragged into the street and shot in the head. They act like COVID is the Z-virus that turns people to raging zombies or something, without realizing that they’re acting far more “raging zombie”-like than your average skeptic.
      No, they are different. Pretending that an apples-to-apples comparison is possible, is dishonest from the get-go.

  6. the Diamond Princess report (which is still on Wikipedia) told me all I needed to know about the Wuhan Flu… Only a risk for the sick elderly.

  7. Why does he assume that all “anti-vaxxers” are MAGA-affiliated?
    Among the folks that I know, about half of the COVID “vaccine” skeptics are liberal Never-Trumpers. Not necessarily Biden-supporters — though a bunch are — but certainly not MAGA. Where I lived, the “anti-vax” movement — or “parental choice”, or “medical freedom”, depending on who you talk to — was populated mostly by Leftists who don’t trust Big Pharma ([sarcasm] because everyone on the Right just loves them some Big Business, amirite? [/sarcasm] *headdesk*).
    But it’s easier to paint your political opponents with whatever negative brush you like, rather than accept that most social issues don’t divide neatly along political lines, or realize that you are, in fact, painting many of your allies with that same brush.
    Such introspection is not their strong suit.

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