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It’s Open Season on Jews in New York City
Of the hundreds of hate crimes committed against Jews in the city since 2018, many of them documented on camera, only a single perpetrator has served even one day in prison

The attack that sent 31-year-old Yossi Hershkop to the hospital was an unmysterious crime, the opposite of a stone-cold whodunnit. Security cameras recorded clear video of a group of four men approaching Hershkop’s car, with two of them repeatedly punching him through the driver’s side window while his 5-year-old child sat in the back seat. Another camera recorded the license plate and model of the attackers’ getaway vehicle. The assault took place around 3:40 p.m. on July 13, 2022, on a busy street in Crown Heights. Hershkop believes his assailants were identified later that evening.

The police did not move quickly. No arrests were made during the two weeks after the attack, a span in which the getaway car got ticketed in a totally unrelated incident, Hershkop says. On July 27, an exasperated Hershkop tweeted: “No arrests have been made, despite the assailants’ vehicle having been seen all over the neighborhood. My son still has a lot of trauma from the incident & we now Uber instead of walk whenever we need to go out.” Perhaps not coincidentally, the first arrest in the case was made the day after that tweet, some two weeks after the attack. The first suspect was released on bail after the judge ordered a bond of $10,000, significantly less than the district attorney had requested, according to Hershkop.

In a study released this past July, the New York-based group Americans Against Antisemitism found that of the 118 adults arrested for anti-Jewish hate crimes in New York City since 2018, only one has been convicted and sent to prison.

Earlier this month, an Orthodox Jew from Baltimore named Aryeh Wolf was gunned down in broad daylight as he attached solar panels to the roof of a building in a gentrifying neighborhood in southeast Washington, D.C. As with Hershkop’s attack, Wolf’s murder was a motiveless crime in which the motive was obvious. To the killer, Wolf and the trendy new technology he was installing might have represented the growing penetration of outsiders, further distilled by Wolf being the ultimate of outsiders: the proud religious Jew. So far, no one has been arrested. The Washington police still consider the motive in the crime to be unknown.

In New York, street harassment, minor assaults, and even full-on beatings of visible Jews are almost a banality now, too frequent over too long of a period to be considered an active crisis, even in the communities most affected. The city reported a 76% year-over-year rise in hate crimes during the first three months of 2022—attacks on Jews more than tripled, accounting for much of the spike.

I have been covering the antisemitic violence in New York for a while.

Former Mayor Bill de Blasio was an avowed antisemite.  A true, Jew hating Sandinista.

Current Mayor Eric Adams talks about hate crimes against the Jews, but just like in dealing with hate crimes against Asians, he’s done fuck all nothing to curb it.  Probably because most of the perpetrators of these crimes are from the demographic that cannot be criticized by Democrats.

Former Governor Andrew Cuomo turned the Waffen NYPD against the Jews under COVID and is being sued over it.

The Orthodox Jews of New York are perhaps one of the most hated groups in the city.  Antisemites hate them because they are Jews and Leftists hate them (those Leftists who aren’t specifically antisemitic) hate them because they tend strongly conservative.

That’s why other Jewish groups don’t stand up for the Orthodox.  Most of them are Reform or some other Progressive branch of Judaism, and don’t support Jews who aren’t Democrat donors.

As a result the Orthodox Jews are on their own to defend themselves.

The Shomrim are associated with the NYPD but are unarmed and have little ability to do more than drive around in quasi-cop cars and carry radios.

The Jews of New York need guns for personal protection.

That is the only thing that will turn the tide of antisemitic violence.

Bruen should have turned New York into a shall issue state, NYC included, but New York is dragging it’s feet.

While I wholeheartedly support the right of all law abiding citizens to conceal carry, the targeting of Jews and the conspicuous lack of law enforcement against those who do target Jews, elevates the need for concealed carry in the Jewish community.

Bruen must be enforced so the Jews can protect themselves.

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By J. Kb

5 thoughts on “The enforcement of Bruen is a Jewish issue”
  1. As an unorthodox Jew – formerly High Holiday Reform, (now completely unto servant) and sufficiently armed, I’m sympathetic to their plight. I wonder how many Ultra Orthodox, which is really who we’re talking about, are willing to pick up a gun in their own defense had they the choice. They tend to be kind, gentle people who trust God will watch over them. Not exactly Judah The Hammer types.

    1. I think given the situation, at least a few will adapt. And a few is all it takes. The first thug to get yeeted by a Hassidim will send a message to not try and beat up the Jews.

  2. Someone (or someones) in NH created a list of Christian and Jewish houses of worship. One factor was “wokeness”. In the synagogue list, there was a “Concealed Carry Friendly” column. That has the Jewish Federation of NH calling the FBI and the ghostbusters fearing that this information is designed to target synagogues. Oy vey its mir.

    Modern / Progressive Jews seem incapable of learning from history.

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