Here is where this shit gets wild.

Top 10 Countries with the Highest Military Expenditures (2020):

  1. The United States — $778 billion
  2. China — $252 billion [estimated]
  3. India — $72.9 billion
  4. Russia — $61.7 billion
  5. United Kingdom — $59.2 billion
  6. Saudi Arabia — $57.5 billion [estimated]
  7. Germany — $52.8 billion
  8. France — $52.7 billion
  9. Japan — $49.1 billion
  10. South Korea — $45.7 billion

We left the Taliban with $84 Billion in weapons, equipment, and cash.

We made our 20 year enemy the third most funded military in the world in 2021.

I pay taxes and the President talks about wanting to take my guns away.

Fight a war against America for two decades and get left with enough military equipment to make yourself a regional super-power.

And not one person responsible will go to prison for this.

We’re so, so fucked.

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By J. Kb

16 thoughts on “The enormity of Biden’s Afghanistan f*ck up is quantfied”
    1. For that one there was a simple solution that, for some reason, the Treasury did not use: publish the serial numbers of those bills and state that the Treasury has voided those.

      1. Not a tenable solution. No random dude passing those bills around is going to check the serial numbers or care.

        Burning the cash would have been better.

        1. Yes, burning would be better. But it means that the terrorists would have a hard time passing those bills in large quantities. They could still pass them retail, as you said. But if they tried to use that cast to buy truckloads of ammo or that sort of stuff, they’d have a problem because arms dealers would not want to be paid in scrap paper.

          1. I remain infinitely skeptical that when warlord A delivers a pallet of cash to warlord B for whatever, that warlord B is going to care.

            I also remain infinitely skeptical that most institutions would check that especially if you aren’t saying yes, I’d like to deposit my pallet of cash please.

            This is effectively gray market money now at worst. Money that is real and 100% usable but should only circulate in private hands.

  1. I don’t for on minute believe it was an unintentional f*ck up –
    I believe it was an fully intentional well thought out plan by the NWO leaders, executed by their minions in the US government and Biden administration, to arm and fund a significant number of their useful idiots

    1. But Boeing, LockMart, Raytheon and all the others will get shiny new high dollar contracts selling the US weapons to give to Ukraine.

      Same with the EU; French, German, Italian and all the other military contractors get to swill at the trough too.

  2. Yes it’s bad, and it’s small comfort, but the equipment left behind will gradually become unusable due to lack of maintenance, spare parts, and trained pilots/mechanics. All that swag will eventually be gathering dust. Until that time, they can use it on each other.

    1. Do you think they’ll keep it all? Pfft. I guarantee they’ve sold some of it to China or Iran or Russia for analysis.

  3. You so realize that most of those shiny toys were given to the Afghan National Army? A lot of it sat in some ANA General’s HQ / Private Mansion’s Armory; and many of the other weapons were “Never Shot, Dropped Once,” as the ANA melted away or turned coat in July and August 2021.

    That was the same July 2021, where all the highly credentialed, best and brightest experts were telling us that the Afghan Army was going to hold out “At Least Three Years.” All while the Taliban was taking an Afghan Province or two a day in July. Luckily Brandon and the Washington DC boys saw no reason to panic, and you know like actually DO! SOMETHING!

    Like all good colonialists, the Bidenistas knew not to panic the natives. Stiff upper lip and Pip! Pip! Cheerio!

  4. Pretty amazing that they gave away 11% of the DOD budget.
    As we’ve said a hundred times, I’m not saying they’re deliberately trying to destroy our country, I just don’t know what they’d be doing differently if they were.

  5. The vast majority of that equipment was sent to Afghanistan under Bush the Lesser and Obama the Pretender. That $84 billion number was spread over 20 years. No worse than the billions of US tax dollars sent as welfare to Israel.

  6. It makes me feel good to know all that stuff got left in the ‘Stan when I just had to fill out an ITAR form for night vision goggles, attesting that I won’t provide them to terrorists! I wonder if the feds filled out thousands for theirs??

  7. The abandonment of all that equipment alone should have seen a large number of people, both politicians and military higher ranks standing before the Federal Courts for Treason and other appropriate charges and then the punishment should follow the laws as reported.

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