I mean this with completely sincerity.

The enormity of what the gender transition industry is doing is tantamount to the surgical mutilations performed my Dr. Mengele at Auchwitz or the medical experiments conducted by Unit 731 under Dr. Shiro Ishii.

In a sane society, these people would be arrested, tried against humanity, and hanged by the neck until dead.  Those who escaped trial by fleeing the country would be hunted down and shot.

Miguel sent me this, it’s part of a story that I saw somewhere else on social media and have been struggling with because it’s so evil that it makes the blood pound in my ears.

TikTok Doctor Performed Breast Removal on “Trans” 13 Year Old Girl

Disturbing details uncovered by internet sleuths found that a surgeon infamous for advertising invasive “gender affirming” procedures on TikTok removed the breasts of a 13 year old girl, who is now also pursuing a hysterectomy at age 15.

Dr. Sidhbh Gallagher, a Miami-based plastic surgeon, rose to internet fame after making quirky TikToks aimed at minors, primarily girls, pursuing “gender affirming” procedures.  She became most associated with her infamous catchphrase – “yeeting the teets” – a flippant, joking way to refer to performing cosmetic mastectomies, or breast removals, to her primarily underage female audience.

Her TikTok is horrible.  Absolutely groomer behavior.  This woman has a Mengele-esque fetish for surgically mutilating children.

This most recent case is the worst yet.

This picture is critical:


On her stomach, shoulder, and arms are the scars of a girl cutting herself.  Self harm, cutting, is a sign of severe mental and emotional issues.

There is something terribly wrong with this girl’s mental state and I can guarantee that the cure is not performing a radical double mastectomy at 13.

This is more self harm carried out by a surgeon who has a fetish for doing this to teenage girls with emotional problems.

This is a sickness in our society.

Amputation of healthy organs from emotionally unbalanced teenagers is unmitigated evil and should be a crime against humanity.

That there is an industry that supports this makes me surprised God is not raining fire and brimstone down on us.

When we get through this new Dark Age of Woke, and societal rights itself, there needs to be a reckoning for the people that mutilated children this way.

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By J. Kb

10 thoughts on “The entire gender transition industry needs to be chippered”
  1. That poor girl will be dead by her own hand before she’s 18.

    And the people who ignored her cries for help and instead indulged their own fantasies will blame everyone else.

  2. OK, I will not assume there are no individuals out there who are in fact in the wrong body. I know I am. (I got a fat man’s body some how…)

    But, to 1. Assume at the age of 13 this girl is mentally mature enough to make this decision, and 2. to outright ignore the obvious signs of self hatred, is tantamount of facilitating the inevitable suicide.

    Where is the father in all of this?

  3. It’s flattering to call that a mastectomy. I’ve seen mastectomies; this is butchery.

    As Rob Crawford says, this girl will be dead by her own hands by the time she’s 18. Within six months, she’ll realize that removing those breasts did nothing for her self-hatred, and then it’s slippery Teflon slope with Teflon grease on it.

    1. Exactly. An actual plastic surgeon makes incisions that are barely visible, closed with tiny sutures so there is as little scarring as possible.

      What we see in the photo looks like the work of a homicidal maniac armed with a bread knife. Is the person in blue actually an MD, licensed to do medical procedures? I rather doubt it.

      1. I doubt it was a plastic surgeon. Makes you wonder who did it and what kind of person they are to agree to do it and do such a crappy job. Everyone involved here is detestable. An actual doctor would have stopped.

        Whoever did this was not licensed to do it. And if they were not for much longer. I hope the money the got was worth when he later finds out she killed herself and they later become an alcoholic and kill themselves over the guilt. Things like this tend to happen to surgeons that do things like this.

        1. As pointed out above, the person who did this was in it for the chance to maim and mutilate- and cover it by saying it’s a part of transitioning.
          When they are inevitably arrested, I have full faith and confidence the Squad will be there to defend them as Stunning And Brave yaddayadda.

  4. Would it be too dark, morbid, and improper to start a pool on when this girl will join the 41% Club?
    Asking for a friend.

  5. One really, really awful thing is what would happen if this poor gal was to get some much needed help, get healed, and try to help others avoid the same mistakes.
    The woke would ignore her, insult her, dox & threaten her, and all the rest of the horrible things the Oh So Kind And Compassionate Left does.

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