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Let’s break this down.

He’s saying that he doesn’t want to have kids because they are expensive and bad for the environment.

He doesn’t want to sacrifice having a Porsche to have a child, because eventually the kid will grow up to hate him and want money for college.

Clearly wee David here has worse daddy issues than a $5 table dance weeknight stripper who dates ex-cons with neck tattoos.

He also wants to insulate himself against the extremely rare pain of having a kid killed by a gun.

Far more kids die in car accidents every year, be he didn’t hitch his financial horse to that wagon.

He will be the cool uncle that has fun with your kid but does none of the work or sacrifice.

This is a selfish and immature attitude that he masquerades as enlightened and environmentally friendly.

What it is us anti-human.




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By J. Kb

11 thoughts on “The entire Leftist movement is anti-human”
  1. He won’t even be the ‘cool uncle’ because while he ‘may’ have some neat toys, he won’t let anyone else touch them, especially some grubby kids.

    That’s assuming he doesn’t knock some girl up and then come back w/ completely opposite justifications but still all about him.

      1. There’s a smooth talking POS in my neighborhood. Absolute garbage thug. Been in and out of prison for drugs, domestic abuse, etc. He’s knocked up 3 different girls.

        Unless Hogg gets snipped, there’s always a chance he;ll have piglets.

      2. I have a theory that he’s a rapist. He’s so much of a beta male feminist that I can’t help but believe he’s the kind of guy that drugs and rapes girls. All those male feminists turn out to be rapists.

  2. You know? In his case, I agree with him. He shouldn’t have kids. He’s far too narcissistic to be a parent.

    In fact, the sooner he gets snipped, the better.

  3. Hogg’s attitude is summed up as: “I want the benefits without having to put in the work or sacrifice any of my luxuries, wants, or dreams.”
    This poor child is going to give up fatherhood so that he can save the environment. Or own a Porsche. Not sure which is more important to him. But, he still wants to teach kids to surf, and tell bad jokes, etc… But, not actually parenting.
    Reminds me of this:
    “The entire structure of modern liberalism is built on a framework of liberals trying to make themselves look kind, compassionate, and giving at other’s people expense. They want to give away other people’s money and get credit for being generous. They want you to give up burgers, cheap heating bills, and driving a car so they can say they care about the environment. They live in gated communities with armed guards, then declare that no one needs a gun. If you took the virtue that liberals are always trying to acquire on the cheap away, liberalism would collapse like a house of cards because that’s the core appeal for so many people. It allows them to have the good feelings and public shine that come with real sacrifice, charity, and service without actually having to do anything. Sure, you may have given 10% of your income to charity, bought groceries for a struggling family, or spent your summer coaching your son’s baseball team for free, but they supported a bill, so they’re a good person who cares about others and you aren’t.”
    Stolen from:

  4. So he rather wants a Porsche than a child because he does not want to put a child into the US were it gets killed by guns (his logic) – BUT more children get killed by cars than guns in the US… sooooo why does he want a car? It can only be to kill children! And he even wants a high capacity assault car which has no other purpose than to drive fast and kill as many children in as little time as possible!
    Also “Porsche” is German and we Germans know a thing or two about genocide and euthanasia plus Ferdinand Porsche literally developed Panzers for the Nazis.

    1. Ohhh… I had that discussion with an anti-gun person once. Motor vehicles cause more deaths than guns.
      The response:
      Cars were not designed to kill.
      Yep. That was it.
      What purpose they were designed for. That is what matters.
      Well, fast food was not designed to make people fat and cause heart attacks or strokes. Opiods were not designed to create addicts. But… they do. And, leftists are taking action against them.
      But, cars were not designed to kill, so those deaths are somehow… OK…?

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