los dirigentes franceses dejarán que pasen los días mientras anuncian nuevas medidas que no servirán de nada, o servirán de muy poca cosa, pues, mientras haya un solo fanático dispuesto a morir matando y esté viviendo dentro de tu país, nada se puede hacer, desde la perspectiva militar al menos. En la nueva guerra que libra el mundo vale más un lobo solitario que toda una división del Ejército.

French leaders let the days go by as they announce new measures that will come to nothing, or serve little. As long as there is one fanatical (jihadist) willing to die fighting and is living inside your country, nothing can be done, from military perspective at least. In the new world war waged a lone wolf is worth an entire army division.

Source: Atentados en París: Caballo de Troya | Opinión | EL PAÍS

El Pais is a Spanish newspaper and not a bad one at all. It comes with the Nuevo Herald and it tickles my Spanish mother pink.

What pisses me off is that the history of Spain is basically the 700 years of Islamic slavery and its fight to get rid of the caliphate in the Iberian peninsula. Nothing can be done? Are you stupid or just ignorant of your own history? The Moor were inside the damned country, in position of power and were driven out to Africa by feat of sword and lances. But yes, it requires drastic measures and getting your hands dirty which the weak-stomached Euro Trash seem to be allergic to. The author shall be a good slave for the new caliphate of  Al-Andalus

They are boned.

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By Miguel.GFZ

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