I saw this last night and could not believe it.

And because Bernie said it, Kamala Harris (and soon the rest of the Democratic clown car) said it too.


You can tell just how extreme this postilion is when both Chris Cuomo and Don Lemon, very incredulously, ask Sander and Harris if they are sure that they want Dzhokhar Tsarnaev to be able to vote from prison.  Even CNN’s two most hackish hacks could tell this wasn’t going to go over well with Middle America.

Forget Tsarnaev for a second, here is the thoughts that came to my mind.

This same right would go to Nikolas Cruz and James Holmes.

Those mass shooters were the inspiration for gun control in Florida, Colorado, and other states.

So by the standards of Bernie and Harris (and soon the rest) a mass shooting is terrible enough that innocent, law abiding gun owners must be collectively punished with the revocation of their Constitutional rights, but the shooters themselves cannot be disenfranchised.

It really hammers home how much more they hate law abiding gun owners than Left leaning criminals.

Also, this paves the way for the Democrats to use violent, criminal thugs as political enforcers, as other Socialist dictators have done in the past.  Especially when combined with the Ban The Box Campaign to prohibit goverment and private employers from asking about criminal convictions on job applications.

Some radical Bernie Bro would no longer have any incentive not to go around smashing conservation skulls with bike locks.

So what if he goes to prison, he can still vote for Bernie from behind bars and Bernie will give him a job when he gets out.  So smash away to ensure a Bernie victory because a Bernie victory means committing a felony will have no long term repercussions.

The Republican with brain damage from a TBI will have to deal with that for the rest of his life, but that’s neither here nor there for Bernie.

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By J. Kb

3 thoughts on “The evil of Progressive principles”
  1. IMO, there should be one age, condition, or whatever for ALL constitutional rights. If 16 is the age of majority for voting, it’s also the age at which one can be held responsible for a signature on a contract, the age at which one can buy alcohol and cigarettes, and the age at which one may purchase and carry a firearm. If voting rights are restored to a felon, so are ALL other contstituional rights, including the right to purchase and own firearms. We don’t need to discuss voting rights for felons. We need to discuss ALL RIGHTS AS ONE DEAL for felons, 16 year olds, or whatever. Let’s insist on treating rights as a unit, and watch lefty heads explode…


    1. Yes. But in addition none of these rights should come to those who are by law treated as children. Right now that excludes anyone under age 26 (“thanks” to Obamacare).

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