This story is beyond horrific and is a testament to how terrible New York police prosecutors really are.

Manhattan garage worker charged with attempted murder after shooting thief

A Manhattan parking garage attendant who was shot twice while confronting an alleged thief — then wrestled the gun away and opened fire on the suspect — has been charged with attempted murder, police said.

The overnight worker, identified by cops as Moussa Diarra, 57, was also hit with assault and criminal possession of a weapon charge in the Saturday incident, which unfolded around 5:30 a.m. as the attendant saw a man peering into cars on the second floor of the West 31st Street garage, the sources said.

Believing the man was stealing, the attendant brought him outside and asked what was inside his bag.

Instead of cooperating, the man pulled out a gun, the sources said.

Diarra tried to grab for the weapon, and it went off — leaving him shot in the stomach and grazed in the ear by a bullet before he turned the firearm on the would-be thief and shot him in the chest, sources said.

Diarra, a parking attendant, was shot in the stomach by a thief.

He managed to get the gun away and defend himself.  The thief took a bullet to the chest, so clearly wasn’t running away.

Diarra is being charged with attempted murder for shooting the thief that shot him in self-defense, and for illegal possession of a firearm for wrestling the gun away from the thief.

The good news is, that similarly to the case of Jose Alba (the Bodega worker who stabbed a man who was beating him an in attack), the public outcry has caused the DA to drop the cases against Diarra.

This is how much New York City hates both self-defense and law abiding citizens having guns.  If you wrestle a gun away from someone who just shot you and is trying to kill you, and you use it to defend yours, you will be charged for illegal gun possession and murder.

To hell with NYC, I hope the ChiComs nuke it out of existence.


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By J. Kb

One thought on “The evil that is the NYC judicial system”
  1. Notice how the victim wasn’t shot by the attacker but the gun “went off” as if could do that on its own.
    But when the victim took control of the gun he “shot” the attacker.

    That is disgusting framing by official sources (I believe the cited source may be the police or the attorneys office).
    A gun does not “go off” in a struggle all by itself – not twice.

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