The face of Entitlement after impact with Reality. (Video)

Stolen from Wirecutter.

One article of faith that is crumbling is that women cannot be hit. And the collapse of that long-held belief is because, and I am sorry to say this, a lot of women are abusing the privilege and have become bullies. We know the defensive issue of Disparity of Force and understand we must take our lumps from drunken & stupid females or risk jail time.

But here we have a prime example of Poor Victim Selection. No disparity of force and about an equal use of force…more or less.

It was just beautiful.


5 Replies to “The face of Entitlement after impact with Reality. (Video)”

  1. My general take is that one should not hit ladies.

    Not acting like a lady? Well, then, if you tell me a chromosome doesn’t determine gender identity, where’s the issue?

  2. The woman smacked the bartender on the rear end, and was walking away. The attack was over, and this is no longer self defense, but revenge.

    Compare this use of force to the St Pete convenience store shooting. There are some who claim that, since the attacker took a step back, the shooter had no right to fire, because the attacker was clearly out of the fight.

    1. Standing six feet away, while facing the victim on the ground, for an attacker who has already demonstrated a willingness to use force that could result in death or grave injury, is not even close to “out of the fight”. If he’d been running away from the victim, then I might agree to “out of the fight”.
      Some clearly argue otherwise, but that’s how I see the evidence.

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