There is not enough pain and suffering a human being could be put through with all the worst tortures inflicted by all the most brutal civilizations to properly teach these people a lesson.

But one day, God willing, we will have the opportunity to try.

And if that day comes, fear not for my my mortal soul, because I am sanctified in the knowledge that we will be doing God’s work.

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By J. Kb

9 thoughts on “The face of evil on Instagram”
  1. What kinda f***ed up F*** would cut the tits off a chick? I mean, I get it if you don’t like them – fine… but please for the love of all things tits, leave them alone for the rest of us who do!!!

    1. This is a gender affirming surgeon (a neo-Mengele) celebrating performing a mastectomy on a child with emotional problems in furtherance of the Leftist gender queer ideology.

  2. Only the link to Instagram displays, not the content itself, and when I click it I am taken to an Instagram login page. (Which would be a small issue as I don’t have an instagram account.)
    However … from the comments above I am guessing I’ll be happier not seeing it.

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