The face of perplexity.

We were told Latinos lockstep for the Democrats.

Overall, pollsters found, voter registration is 54 percent Republican, 19 percent Democratic and 26 percent no party affiliation/independent.

But there are significant differences among various demographic groups that make up the Cuban-American community.

— Cubans who came to the U.S. before 1980 are 72 percent Republican, 11 percent Democratic and 17 percent no party affiliation.

— Cuban-Americans who weren’t born in Cuba are 41 percent Republican, 28 percent Democratic and 29 percent no party affiliation.

Poll shows generational, political divides among Cuban-Americans

At this rate, it is gonna take them another 2 decades to change the Cuban vote to Democrat. Florida is the stone in the shoe for the Democrats. While the West Coast is influenced by the Mexican and Central American immigrant population who simply had shitty governments for the most part, Florida is populated by immigrants who had really shitty Socialist governments. I may even hazard that Miami-Dade has a bigger Nicaraguan presence than Los Angeles. And yes, the Old Cubans are fading away, but they are being substituted by Brazilians, Ecuadorians, Venezuelans, Colombians, etc. that have suffered under Socialists and Communists.

Not saying that South Florida will become Reagan Country, but it ain’t going to become LaLa Land soon either.

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